Shadows of Discord

This is the page for our Star Wars D6 campaign, it is set before any of the Star Wars films, during the Old Republic, before the rise of Palpatine and the Empire. It may overlap the prequel trilogy. Thanks to Lee for the campaign name.
The players will be Jedi and support staff, assigned to a base on Herdessa in the Mid Rim region (sector Q16 on the map). Herdessa is on the Corellian Run trade route.

Opening Crawl
The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy in peace for centuries. But peace brings problems from within: stagnation, corruption, decadence.

Rumors are whispered of conspiracies, sedition and the government falling away from the values that established it.

The Jedi Knights have kept peace in the galaxy, but now a group of young Jedi and their allies must face the threats seeking to tear the Republic apart.

Character Session
Shadow of the Dark Side
Chamax Plague
Pirate Tales
Night of Conquest
Food Run
Rogue Metal
Into the Gap
Nomads of the World Ocean
No Time to Rest
Spilled Blood

EDIT- The campaign started in February of 2016 and fell apart in January 2017. We never finished the adventure Spilled Blood.

Players and Characters
Lee- Human male Jedi/Slicer Bruin Morningstar
Kimi- Twi'lek female Jedi Talik
Chmiel- Human female Republic Navy Ship Commander Alana Nivix
Mike- Rattataki male Investigator Y'ggdrasil
MC- Toydarian female Republic Navy Pilot Luldi Pane

Aethersprite Delta-7 Starfighters
Lavisar Courier, an updated Defender class light corvette

Supporting Characters
Jedi Master Cadan Stazi
Base Commander Commodore Daro Tane
Lieutenant Ten Go
Sergeant Jama Lergo
Chief Lysa Pavond
M3-PO Spots
R5-D3 Bolt
Pirate Captain Hela Dellaeon
B8-TR Beater
Spacehand Uler Tahm

Detached Duty (retired characters)
Emily- Male Mirialan Jedi/Fighter Pilot Lelan D'nali
Raleigh- Male Abinyshi Scout Ysht'yelakht
Matt- Male Zabrak Bounty Hunter Quin'Talos "Quint" Azure
Michael- Droid Bounty Hunter XTR-MN8
Kevin- Male Lasat Jedi Fom Terren

Starting Equipment
Bounty Hunter
Navy Pilot

Expansion Region
Mid Rim
Outer Rim

New Ships and Equipment
Latoka Fast Freighter
Quint's Cycler Rifle
Seeker Armored Transport

Rules FAQ and Corrections
Martial Arts

File Links (Lee's Dropbox)
I have created and/or stolen some useful links:
Excel Character Sheet (with more room for Force powers): Character sheet
Galactic Maps (high resolution, zoomable (is that a word?)): Maps
Reference Guide: Reference Guide