Shadow of the Dark Side

(GM's note: Used almost whole from adventure published in Challenge magazine #65, written by James B. King)

Our group has been transferred to Herdessa from various locations in the Republic. They meet with Jedi Master Cadan Stazi for orientation and briefing. They will be working as a problem solving team, using a wide variety of skills to protect the Republic. Jedi Lelan will be in charge of the team with Commander Alana Navix as second in command. If there is a shipboard situation, Commander Navix will assume command. As a shakedown mission, the team is assigned to follow up a report from a survey team. They were surveying a new planet, MW-537, when the pilot had a seizure or breakdown and was crying about "dozens of voices, screaming in pain" Master Cadan provides them data chips with the crew's interviews and the minimum survey information they obtained. Jedi Bruin asks to see the chips to be sure they have not been tampered with. Lelan decides they will depart at first light in the morning. Alana goes to their ship, the Lavisar Courier, and meets her Engineering chief and the ships' two droids, Spots and Bolt. Bruin shows up shortly and Spots escorts him to choose quarters and Bruin practically barricades himself in to check passwords and computer protocols and look for tampering in the computer. He asks Alana for permission to examine the ship's computer and sets himself up with administrator access. XTR-MN8 also comes aboard and questions the droids about their treatment.
Before departure, Lelan speaks to the base quartermaster and requisitions a repulsor truck big enough to carry the team, but small enough to fit in the ship's hold. Alana studies the astronomical data and calculates a faster route, Ysht'yelakht studies the survey data about the planet and system which is located in a backwater sector (R18) of the Outer Rim Territories. Since Alana and Lelan are qualified pilots and XTR-MN8 and Quint are gunners, they will be able to take the ship with only her engineering crew.

In the morning, they are ready to fly. Sensing Bruin's nervousness, Talik helps him meditate in his quarters through the takeoff and jump to light speed. The journey is short and easy, but when they arrive, they report the same phenomenon. Dozens of telepathic voices, screaming in pain and suffering. It seems to be a Force powered projection, even some of the non-Jedi can feel the unease. Scanning the planet, they find that there are primitive sentients with stone age technology. They pick up a week distress signal, using a code none of them can identify, but seems to be very old. Its is coming from an overgrown stone temple in a jungle, nearby is a metallic reading. There are no natives within 50 kilometers of the temple… They decide to land and investigate. Its the middle of local night, so they search a perimeter around the ship, then set up a watch. Spots offers to prep the truck for use in the morning. When they get up, the truck is ready, loaded with rations, medkits and extra weapons. Alana snags a blast vest and helmet from the ship's locker. They fly the repulsor truck towards the metallic reading and they continue to feel the dark oppressive screams. Talik notices that animal life drops off as they approach the temple and then stops completely. Flying towards the metal, they are confronted by four flying figures, black ghostly apparitions. Fom feels a deep and dark disturbance in the Force. The ghosts attack with force powers. The party opens fire with blasters, but the bolts pass through them. When the figures get close enough, some of the Jedi strike them with their lightsabers, causing pain and driving the ghosts away.
They fly to the metallic trace and find a crashed ship. It was stripped for parts and airlocks and access hatches are open, allowing local plants to enter. It appears to be a vessel of the Sith Empire, thousands of years old. They fly to the temple and find a large stone plaza before a stepped pyramid. There are four statues in the plaza, they appear to be of Sith humans. The massive stone doors of the temple are open, they enter, prepared to face evil. XTR-MN8 drops his MSE droid and it scouts ahead. Inside the temple is a large hall containing a raised dais at the opposite end with four stone thrones. But suddenly the droid is lifted into the air and hurled against the wall and the signal dies. They move in and Lelan uses the Force to make a stun grenade glow, then Quint and XTR-MN8 toss grenades into the room. They follow up and see the four ghosts floating by their thrones. The source of the Force screams are above them. A dark voice reaches the Jedi and says "Your bodies will be our vessels" The Jedi raise their lightsabers in defense and the ghosts attack them with dark force powers like Force Lightning. But behind the party, there is a sound of stone on stone. Three stone doors are opening in the entrance passageway. Quint throws a stun grenade into the center of the doors. Ysht'yelakht sneaks up and peeks around a door; each door opens into a chamber containing an ancient Sith battle droid, which are moving forward to surround the party. Alana shoots one with a blaster rifle, blowing off its arm and Ysht'yelakht finishes it. A fourth door begins to open and XTR-MN8 charges in and lets loose a volley of shots, striking each of the three surviving droids.
The Jedi are in battle with the sith wraiths. Lelan strikes a powerful overhand blow, cutting a wraith down the center, it screams and dissipates. Talik and Fom carry the attack forward, striking two more wraiths. Alana, Quint, Yesh and XTR lay down a barrage of fire, finishing the battle droids. Lelan uses Enhance Coordination to raise the other Jedis' agility and they take the battle to the the wraiths. First Talik, then Fom and finally Bruin strike the wraiths and destroy them.
With the enemy destroyed, they search the room. The aura of evil is still coming from above, there is a door at the rear and another on the left side of the chamber. They check the doors for controls and try pushing, but find that Telekinesis works better. Lelan leads team 1 upstairs and Alana takes team 2 to the side. The side chamber has ancient lighting units set in the primitive stonework, but they barely have any power, only a few flickers. There are four smaller doors which lead to four bedchambers with bunks and computer terminals taken from a ship. Upstairs they find a sith sacrificial temple, the walls are decorated with carvings made with lightsabers. The altar is the source of the evil. There are four side chambers with sarcophagi, each contains the body of a long dead sith and its lightsaber. Bruin picks up the first one and tests it, it still works but its red blade crackles with the age of its components. XTR picks up the lightsabers and Talik filches some jewelry from the female sith…
They decide to destroy the altar with a thermal detonator, they set the timer and go outside. When the device explodes, they feel a lessening of evil and spots begin to glow in front of them. The spots grow and resolve into Force ghosts of the natives who were slain by the sith, they bow to the crew in thanks and fade away. The party returns to their ship and travels home to Herdessa to report on what they found and send the sith lightsabers to Coruscant for study.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about Raleigh's lizard man
Kevin "If we have to have a dinosaur, its a good thing"
Then there was a discussion if they wore clothes, because its nude in the picture. And was it warm or cold blooded? Raleigh decided he wears cargo shorts.

Emily offered tea
Chmiel "I heard 'tea' and got a tea-boner"

Lee rolls very well to for Bruin to get access to the ship's computer
Jim "You get root" referring to the term in the game Hacker for administrator access to a computer system

Bruin has a fear of flying, Talik helped him meditate with her Affect Emotions Force power
Kimi "I showed him my boobs and he calmed right down"
Jim "People spend a lot of time looking at your characters' boobs" referring to her Companion Tia in the Serenity campaign Lost Sheep adventure Liner Larceny.

Heading into an unexplored sector
Chmiel "Are there reavers here?"
Jim "Remember later that you asked"

Lee "If there's a disturbance in the force, I'll be in my bunk"

Chmiel is rolling to land
Lee "Please land on a fence"

Sneaking up to the pyramids
Emily "There's nothing to catch off guard, evil is evil"
Chmiel "Its BYOB; bring your own blaster"

Michael's droid is being rebellious about control by the "meatbags"
Kimi "What's your sass level at?"

Jim asks Kevin to make a Sense Force roll
Jim "You sense a disturbance in the Force…"

Michael is going to give his droid the Good Samaritan complication, but only towards other droids
Lee "We're going to get into action and you're going to be trying to rescue the vending machine"

Lee rolls to attack with the Enhance Coordination bonuses
Lee "I feel like Ruan"

Lee "Tell me when I do something silly"
Jim "I wouldn't do anything else"

Trying to get the doors open
Lee "How many Jedi does it take to open a door?"

Lee rolls poorly and fails to bring up Bruin's Lightsaber Combat power
Jim "One in ten Jedi have that problem"
Michael "If its up for more than eight hours…"
Matt "Consult the Jedi council"
Michael "Consult your medical droid"

Kimi steals some sith jewelry
Raleigh "Nothing says 'promote me' to the Jedi council like sith jewelry"
Kimi's character was a sith hipster, a "sithster"

Michael's droid picks up the four lightsabers
Raleigh "Okay General Grievous"

Kimi is talking about her character piercing her lekku, the Twi'lek "head tails" for the sith jewelry and wondering if they are sexual organs
Raleigh "Did you get a Sith Albert?"