Hellboy Comics vs Films

The original Hellboy comics vs the films are very different. In the comics, Hellboy is a public figure. In the movies, BPRD is a shadow organization like the Men in Black movies. I am leaning towards the film version, because I think a world where beings like Hellboy are known to exist would be different than the world we live in. I think mass hysteria would be more likely and assorted crackpot religions would be protesting and trying to kill Hellboy as a hell sent abomination.

So, we're going to merge the two versions a little. The B.P.R.D. is a covert, private organization. Per the books, it is located in the US, and is funded by various world governments. B.P.R.D. agents go all over the world to deal with issues. Most of the staff are American or British, often loaned out from their parent government organizations (American FBI, British SAS, etc). Some are from other countries as well.

I have to figure out where things are going to fall in the Hellboy timeline as well. I do not want to introduce all of the elements from the comics, for example Liz destroying the Ogdru Hem with the psychic amplification artifact and causing volcanoes in Indonesia from The Black Flame books.


At practically the last minute, I decided to go with the comic book approach almost completely. Looking at the timeline in the Companion book, I will follow it up until the end of 2003. The Frog Plague may or may not happen at all. So, Roger is still "alive", BPRD is still based in Connecticut.