In addition to campaigns, I have also run many one-night games we call "delves". Some of the details are sketchy because I didn't take notes or do these summaries until months later.

D&D 5E
Country Necro
Wolf Moon
Beginners' game 2

Without a Trace
Running out of Patience
The Last Flight of the Themis
In the Money
Earning Xian Jin the Hard Way
Stories from Serenity Valley
Cargo of Misery
Running out of Patience, redo
Fox the Badger
No Time to Rest, redo

Into the 'Verse
Running out of Patience, v3.0
Breakdown on Regina

Better Days A group of delves using same ship and captain and mostly the same crew
Cargo Recovery
Crystals from Aberdeen

Deadliest Cargo
Boon Companions
Reaver Detour
Cash on Delivery

We also ran several games using the Serenity RPG rules for a Cowboy Bebop anime based game, some of them started to be a consistent campaign group
Hot Pursuit
Rendezvous on Mars
Boarding Party
What Happens in New Vegas...
Shell Game
Venus Concerto Foxtrot

And Space:1889
Dinosaur Hunt

A game for the AD Police/Bubblegum Crisis Anime setting using Cyberpunk 2020
Power Armor Smackdown

Honeymoon in Opal
Tower in the Woods
A Quest
Lost Songs

Oriental Adventures
Plague of Zombies
Naga Forest

Cyberpunk 2020

Kobolds ate my Baby!
What's for Lunch?

Star Trek
Memories of Doomsday

Star Wars D6
Return to Hoth
Egg Hunt
Wookies Amok