Seek The Oracle

(Mini-adventure, scenes taken from Lawrence Watt-Evans' "The Lure of the Basilisk")
After their adventures in Barnacus, the party arrives in Opal. Cyrus and Ulayoth work on training while Jozan and Antonio seek out audiences with the local rulers and nobility. During training, Cyrus finds out more information about the Dragon Oracle from the Adept's guild, including directions. They warn that the oracle expects tribute, usually mundane items like food, drink and money, but it often asks for an item the petitioners may not wish to lose.
After Cyrus and Ulayoth complete their training and the party purchases supplies and new weapons, they journey to the oracle. In the Dragonspine Mountains, they are attacked by a flock of harpies, who succeed in luring Jozan and Antonio away to be tortured and eaten. Thanks to Ulayoth's skilled archery, most of the harpies are slain. The party rests for an extra half day before completing their journey.
At the oracle's dwelling, the find a stone clearing cut from the face of the mountain. There is an altar like table and a 20' high and wide doorway. Inscriptions in many languages instruct them to place their offerings on the table. A few minutes after they deposit food, brandy, pipeweed and 20 platinum coins, the doors open. Jozan, Antonio and Ulayoth see a grey scaled dragon's head emerge from the tunnel to speak to them. But Cyrus sees only a short hooded figure in grey. The figure scoops up their offerings and the others see the dragon's tongue lick them off the table. The oracle asks for more, something precious to them. Antonio deposits his family signet ring, Jozan the prayer book his mother gave him when he became a priest. Cyrus adds the fancy clothes from their wild party night in Barnacus. Ulayoth pulls a locket from his tunic, opens it to look inside one last time before placing it on the altar. The oracle considers their gifts and accepts them as proof of their intent and asks them their question.
They ask how they can defeat Pargun and restore the Marches. The oracle says "Go to the village called Skelleth and seek there the Forgotten King; submit yourselves to him, obey him without fail, and what you have wished for will be given to you." Ulayoth asks how they will know him and the oracle replies "He is to be found in the King's Inn, clad in yellow rags."
The oracle retreats into the tunnel and the doors close. The party retrieves their items and Ulayoth kisses the locket reverently before hanging it around his neck again. They travel back down from the mountains and head a little north to a large town. Checking maps there, they find Skelleth is in Pelham, north east of the top of the Dragonspine mountains, almost two months journey away!! The party decides to head north to Verella as the first leg of their trip.