Seed of Hope

After spending a few days in Helonshire so Hudora can visit with her parents, Raidne leads the party further west into the Open Lands heading for her former druids' grove. She has a seed from the druids' holy tree that grew there before the grove was overrun by undead under the command of a Nerullian priest. She describes the layout of the grove and warns them that it may still be infested with undead. The party will need to clear the grove of monsters and Raidne will need to reconsecrate the ground before planting the seed she rescued.
The party arrives and they approach the grove through the main entrance. A thunderstorm is passing nearby and rain and sleet fall on the party occasionally. As they enter the grove, figures emerge from the woods. With the sanctity of the grove broken, the grove provides no defense against intruders. Two zombie wolves, four ghasts and a pair of will o' the wisps surround and attack the adventurers. Eroe and Harper melee withthe undead, Hudora activates her Flame Arrow quiver and snipes at them. Pancho casts Guardian of Faith destroying a zombie wolf and stabs a ghast with Psychic Blades. Raidne attacks a group of the undead with Erupting Earth and finishes the wisps. The undead are destroyed, Raidne is upset when she realizes some of them were her fellow druids, but their bodies have been put to rest.
They move further into the grove and more undead come at them, five wights with swords raised high and a white misty cloud filled with red sparkles. Harper casts Spirit Guardians and the spell smashes the attackers again and again. Pancho casts Guardian of Faith again. Hudora drops a wight, Eroe and Harper each take out two and Pancho finishes the vampire mist after Raidne hits it with a Moonbeam.
The party finally reaches the center of the grove. The stone arches still stand but the altar has been wrecked. There are scorch marks around the glade from spell strikes during the battle. The holy tree still stands, but something is wrong… The bark is gray and unhealthy and the leaves are brown, but still supple and flexible, not dry and stiff like autumn leaves should be. A group of leaves detach from the tree and fly towards the party, rippling and undulating like they are swimming through the air. But when they approach, Harper's spell reacts and begins to destroy them. As dead leaves pile up at the perimeter, Raidne realizes they have red veins and thorns, then that the thorns are blood drinking fangs!! The tree continues to send leaves at them and Raidne cast Wall of Fire in a circle around the tree. The leaves die in bursts of sparks in the wall and the corrupted tree, now a vampire tree, burns in the flame and collapses into ash. Once the Wall of Fire has done its work, they move forward to examine the remains. But there are sounds in the woods and two bolts of green magic flie from the woods to strike Harper and Raidne. Two men have appeared in the woods, enemy spellcasters. And a strange creature, shaped like an upright cockroach walking on its two hind legs and carrying a trident, circles the party. The party returns fire with missiles and spells, Pancho casts Enemies Abound on the bug monster and it fixates on Eroe. Eroe charges one of the enemy spell casters and the bug thing chases him and throws its trident in his back. Harper uses her Staff of Healing to do a Mass Cure Wounds on the party. One of the spellcasters is a Nerullian priest and he summons a Spiritual Weapon in the shape of a scythe to attack Harper, she replies with a Spiritual Weapon of her own and an Acid Arrow from her longbow. Hudora ducks from tree to tree, sniping at the priest and the bug thing. Raidne takes advantage of the storm nearby and casts Call Lightning. Pancho casts Dimension Door to move himself and Harper close to the Nerullian. But two wights and three specters appear out of the woods behind the party and gang up on Raidne and Hudora. Eroe and Harper finish the necromancer and the demon bug and Harper slays the Nerullian with sword strikes enhanced by Holy Weapon. Raidne casts Moonbeam to attacks the evil spirits and Pancho fires Scorching Rays from his wand and hits the specters wth Dissonant Whispers. Hudora attacks with Hatred's Bite and Reprise. The last of the undead are destroyed and the grove is quiet.
Raidne casts Control Water to cool the hot ground and ash from the vampire tree. She then performs the ceremony to bless and consecrate the ground and plants the holy tree's seedling. The seedling takes root and the grove begins to heal and they can feel it. Raidne has a vision of the First Tree and a feeling of thanks and blessing. A leave falls from the tree in the vision and touuches her forehead and she passes out. When she wakes up, her hair has turned red like it was before. As the party picks themselves up, there's movement in the woods and five druids step forward from the trees. Raidne recognizes one as Master Oakhallow, the others are also master druids. They felt it when the grove began to heal. They heal the party and they all make camp in the remains of the druids' village nearby. The dead and undead are moved and burned, the party takes some magic items, but many are the product of evil magic and the druids destroy them.
Before the party leaves, Master Oakhallow takes Raidne aside. He tells her someday she will be the master of this grove, but in the meantime her destiny lies with her friends, they still have a challenge before them and need her. The grove will be waiting for her to return.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing that druids are priests and should have the Ceremony spell to minister to their followers
Stacy "They're triests"

Brittany "Cacophony; the sound a vampire makes leaving its coffin"

Discussing that the vampire tree was defeated too easily
Brittany "Whoopsie"

Looking at the enemy spellcaster who is covered in a protective layer of bones
Jack "Either a necromancer or necrophiliac. Either way it's not a good thing"

Brittany said she was going to cast "Absorb Elements" and over the voice chat it sounded like "Observe Elephants"

Nick "I plan to heal myself before I die"
Jack "Solid plan"