Secrets of Blackveil

Secrets of Blackveil is my third AD&D campaign for the Meetup. I am using a new setting, based on Robert Feist's Midkemia epic series. The campaign plot, on the other hand, is stolen from someplace else…

Campaign Setting 2 "Midkemia"

Gods of Midkemia
Mage Guilds

Players and Characters

JoAnne Half-Wood Elf Archer Rhiann Darish
Kevin Monk Giric
Konrad Elven Bard Aldur Maltathian
Michael Half-Wood Elf Druid Greywind
Lee Human Ranger Chunorris

John Dwarven Fighter/Cleric Yurten Foolsmash
Matt Gnome Thief/Illusionist Jacques
Mike Samurai Hiro Kurosawa


Part 1: The Journey North
The Far Coast
Mountain Mystery
In the Service of Death
The Journey North
Silent Forest
Lost in the Mines

Part 2: Loose Ends
Blood Price
Sister Search
Hunting Necromancers

Part 3: Blackveil
Speaker to Elves
Pierce the Blackveil
The Sorcerer's Isle

New Magic Items
Wand of Monster Summoning
+2 Leather Armor of Bull Strength 
Ring of Elvenkind
Pendant of Nightvision
Bragor's Gem
Brooch of Fire Resistance
Barkskin Bracer
Hammer of Crushing
Potion of Heal
Bracelet of Fate
Pendant of Augmentation
Crossbow of Speed
Dzance's Guardian

New Spells
Weapon Block