Second Try

The crew of the Shriek-Hawk arrives at Genesia with Brinalloy as their passenger. When they arrive, there are lots of Imperial ships attempting to search incoming traffic. With a feeling of deja vu, they see there are two Strike cruisers in orbit over the planet. One is supporting salvage teams picking through the debris from the destroyed garrison site, the other is over a new site, closer to the capital. With the Imperial presence, they change their flight plan to an orbital transfer station, rather than landing as planned. Brinallo thanks them and gives them a thousand credits. They undock and head for the Rebel base at Tel III.
At the base, there is a great deal of activity. The three Corellian Corvettes assigned to the sector are there, as well as a Nebulon Frigate and several large freighters that have been modified as fighter carriers. Y-Wing squadrons are loading aboard the freighters. When they land, the hangar is crowded by the presence of an extra X-wing squadron, the Sandpanthers. The crew notices a stack of shipping containers including one with radiation hazards. C'athall is ordered to briefing room 2 and they are told to refuel and prepare for departure. On his way, C'athall sees techs assembling a makeshift device with engines at one end, a globular piece of machinery in the center and a missile's guidance package on the nose.
Commander Gion meets him and tells him the general will be with them in a minute. General Repkan hustles in, obviously rushed. They explain that the Empire is trying to put a new garrison in at Genesia. The Rebellion has gotten a lot of propaganda value from the defeat of the Empire's plans to put a garrison there, so it is important to prevent them from succeeding. The sector fleet is massing here for the attack, along with reinforcements. But they have a different plan for the crew. The Rebels are also going to make sector wide attacks a day before the attack at Genesia to try to thin out the Imperial forces. They want the Shriek-Hawk to attack the damaged Star Destroyer under repair at Bacrana. They are building an improvised bombardment missile, it will launch from a disguised radioactive material shipping container that will fit in their hold facing their new cargo door. C'athall, Varek and Hack will be disguised again as Imperial officers, Leelan and Zaonderh will be contract laborers. A gunnery officer, Aurin Nalle, will be assigned to handle the missile. This is a high risk mission. The Shriek-Hawk will be painted with Imperial insignia and a new forged transponder code will be given to Hack to be programmed in. Fake cargo, cargo manifest, uniforms and flight orders will be provided. But once they launch the missile, they will need to run like hell for a safe hyperspace point. In order to help them escape, a decoy launcher is being installed. General Repkan wishes them luck and heads back to his other meeting. Commander Gion gives them the information they need and introduces Lt. Nalle. C'athall heads back to the ship.
While C'athall explains the mission, Rebel ground crews load the fake cargo and the missile cannister. They run control circuits to the bridge. The decoy launcher is installed and connected. Fake uniforms are delivered with a reminder to do shaves and haircuts as 'proper' Imperial officers. Hack installs the fake codes into their computer. Once they are ready, they take off and head for Bacrana. They stow all their questionable equipment in the smuggling compartment and Leelan repaints Redo in Imperial colors. When they arrive at Bacrana, they are hailed and ordered to stand by for inspection. A TIE boarding shuttle comes alongside and docks at their airlock. Two stormtroopers and an officer come aboard. C'athall flubs his greeting, but since he and Varek outrank the inspector, they handle things. The inspector looks over the crew. Leelan is wearing his laborer jumpsuit and since he has been doing ship work, it is suitably dirty. Zaonderh on the other hand is clean and almost pressed looking. They pass inspection and are told to contact traffic control, control gives them a flight path to dock.
But the flight plan isn't great to attack the Star Destroyer, so Hack slices into traffic control and alters their route. Aurin notices something is wrong, the intelligence briefing says there are normally one or two Star Destroyers guarding the base, both are gone, as are some smaller vessels. Checking traffic control records, Hack finds the two Star Destroyers, the two Strike cruisers, a few smaller vessels and an Interdictor cruiser all left together a month ago on a course for Genesia. Only the Strike cruisers were seen at Genesia, where are the others? They realize something is wrong, if the ships all jumped out together, they must be at Genesia. Which means they are waiting for the Rebel fleet. Hack taps into the system communications network so C'athall can send a message to a Rebel contact on Genesia, maybe they can warn the fleet. They decide to finish their mission and head to Genesia as well. Varek rolls the ship to point the cargo hatch at the Star Destroyer. Aurin aims and fires, its a beautiful shot, the missile flies into the ship's main hangar bay and detonates, shooting a spike of plasma all the way through the hull and out the top. As the Destroyer burns, they flee towards one of the escape routes Leelan preprogrammed into the nav computer. A flight of TIE fighters pursues them, both sides open fire. One takes engine damage from Leelan's shots and falls behind. Hack goes to the cargo bay and begins dumping their fake cargo overboard. One of the TIEs clips a crate, damaging its hull. Leelan cripples one with his ion cannon and Aurin finishes the other two. Four more are in pursuit, but are having trouble keeping up with Varek's flying. Only one comes close enough to trade shots and Aurin damages it. The last TIE falls behind and they make a short jump to hyperspace. They come out and recalculate and jump for Genesia. They can't get to the base in time to stop the attack, but maybe they can meet the fleet there and get word out before the ambush stops.
As they approach the drop out of hyperspace, the ship shudders and comes out early. They're too late, the Interdictor is here already, gravity wells powered up. They twist onto an evasion course, they are behind the Interdictor, its shields are on double front facing the ambush zone. Since they still have their Imperial transponder, they make a distress call to the Interdictor and ask for a vector away from the battle. When they transmit, Hack slices into their navigation system and orders the ship to turn, swinging its gravity well projectors away. The Rebel fleet comes out of hyperspace, but the field has started to shift. They reform and try to flee the ambush zone. Aurin and Leelan open fire on the Interdictor's shield generator, damaging it. The Interdictor opens fire on them and blows off an engine pod and the ship goes into a flat spin. All of the crew is nauseated and throws up except Varek who gets them under control and makes a jump into hyperspace. Behind them the Rebel warships flee and squadrons of Y-wings pummel the Interdictor and destroy it, allowing the ships to escape. A few ships are lost as they break out, but a far lower number than would have been lost.
The Shriek-Hawk arrives safely at Oracle base, but it is quieter than expected. Some of the ships sent on other raids have reported back, but the fleet is overdue. Three days later, the fleet returns. Many ships show damage and fighters have been lost, but the bulk of the fleet is here. When General Repkan realized Genesia was an ambush and forces had been pulled from Bacrana, they jumped to Bacrana and attacked the Imperial shipyard. They were unable to completely destroy it, but did inflict substantial damage.
Once casualties are treated, repairs are started and reports submitted, awards are issued. C'athal is promoted to captain, Varek and Aurin to first lieutenant and Hack, Leelan and Zaonderh to second lieutenant. They are awarded a second unit citation and each receives an individual award as well.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about Zaonderh trying to hook up with Brinalloy
Lee "They can lock horns"

Discussing fighting the Enpire
Mike "We just need to find the minefield" referring to a game of Artemis where we won because we sucked the enemy into chasing us through a minefield.

The short briefing
Mike "We're going to penetrate some stuff, drop some bombs, fuck shit up"
Emily "Do you have a date?"
MC "It's Saturday night"

Looking for a sniper rifle for Leelan
Lee "Get the bump stock"

Explaining this was all planned by the Empire to ambush the Rebels
Lee "It's a trap!"

Looking for a tattoo artist for Leelan's Mirialan tattoos, Emily couldn't remember which planet she found one in a previous adventure
MC "On Tattoo-ine?"
Jim glares at her pile of chips and MC squeals, grabs her chips and tries to run so he can't steal a chip back