Search For A Cure

The party is hanging around the King's Inn in Skelleth, waiting for the Forgotten King to give them their next mission. Days pass, then weeks. Everyday Jozan sits with the King waiting for an answer. After more than three weeks, his temper snaps and he shouts at the king in frustration. The King tells him that he will will give him an answer when he remembers what he needs. He needs time and peace to try to recall what he needs. Jozan and the rest must be patient, they swore to serve him. Jozan storms off. Cyrus offers to use his hypnosis skills to help the Forgotten King and he is pinned to his chair by the force of the king's power as a demonstration that his abilities are nothing compared to the Forgotten King's. Cyrus goes away shaken. Kiriana calms Jozan and tells him to spend time away from the village and relax, he decides to go fishing. She takes his place at the table, waiting on the Forgotten King.

A couple days later, the king asks Kiriana if they are bored. When she says yes, he asks her if they would like a mission that would harm no one, but help many people. When she accepts, he tells her to bring over the mage Fenric with writing tools. When she returns with Fenric, he tells them how to save the people turned to stone by the basilisk (Lure of the Basilisk). He gives Fenric a potion recipe and a list of ingredients. He orders them to leave him alone while he thinks and begone on this mission.

The party considers the recipe. Some ingredients can be found in a large city, so Kiriana and Cyrus teleport to Opal. One of the ingredients is troll ash, so Jozan, Antonio, Fenric and Ulayoth head north to hunt trolls in the mountains. The troll hunting party succeeds in finding troll tracks, but are ambushed by five trolls. The battle is vicious, Fenric summons goblins, giant bats and finally hobgoblins to help them fight the trolls. They burn one of the trolls, gather some birch and return to Skelleth.

Kiriana and Cyrus visit her family and then go about getting their ingredients. They obtain the gold bowl and pestle and visit the temple of Ashto, god of knowledge and magic. One of the priests agrees to do the blessing in return for the recipe of the potion. They visit a temple of Torre, goddess of love and healing. Her priest donates a flask of holy water to their worthy cause and promises to obtain the tears they need. With their portions of the recipe, they return to Skelleth to await the hunting party.

The morning after everyone is back, they come down to find something of a ruckus in the inn. They ask the bartender and find out two murdered victims' bodies were dumped in the alley in front of the inn. He also gives them a letter left for them, a group of priests of Tyr passed through on their way to investigate the basilisk's victims at Mormoreth. When they investigate the bodies, the party finds a symbol of Liart daubed on the wall in the victims' blood. They realize that the followers of Liart must be after them for raiding their temple in Dusarra (Altars of Dusarra). After some investigating, Fenric asks the Forgotten King if he knows what happened. In order to get the party to leave him alone, he tells them exactly where the Liartians are in town. The party mounts up and rides off and finds an abandoned home as described. They storm the place and hit Glyphs of Warding laid as traps. They do find where the victims were tortured, but the Liartians have escaped.

With only a limited time to make their potion (it must be brewed under the full moon in a few days), they decide to leave. The party does not have time to hunt down Liartians right now. They head out of town and find a good camp spot and brew the potion. Continuing on their journey, they are attacked by what appear to be flying zombies in suits of armor. A squad of crossbowmen step out of an illusion and open fire on the party in ambush. Finally, the illusion drops to reveal four Liartian priests, they have hostages chained to posts to keep the party from lobbing Fireball spells at them. Fenric summons goblins, fire beetles and giant ants during the battle. The two parties slug it out and the party succeeds in defeating the Liartians and their allies and even take a few prisoners.

The party has a short debate about what to do with the prisoners, they end up using Reduce to shrink them to doll size and Kiriana throws them into a sack and Teleports to Opal to turn them over to church authorities for trial. They rest a few days and examine the magic items they took from the priests. One axe and ring are products of evil magic and Cyrus Disintegrates them. Jozan takes the magic shield, Kiriana takes the magic banded mail, Ulayoth takes the Wand of Scarabs, Cyrus the Wand of Illusion and Fenric gets the Cloak of Protection. Antonio takes the heavy Crossbow of Speed even though he can't use it. He decides he will hire a henchman to follow him around and use the crossbow.

The party finishes their journey to Mormoreth and finds a group of Tyr priests and men at arms guarding the keep. The lead cleric, Alardin, welcomes them and is happy to hear they have a cure. The party administers the Forgotten King's potion to the people and is able to revive them all. Some are sorely wounded from damage done to them as statues, but the clerics heal them as best they can. One of the owning family is restored, Alardin says his people will stay to help guard the keep while things are set right.

Next, the party travels to a nearby city for rest and training. Several of the party teleport back to Verella for training. Antonio hires a local mercenary soldier, Leander, to be his crossbowman. Jozan commissions a pennant with Tyr's colors to serve as the base for a magic item. He spends a week in prayer at the local temple and donates an additional 600 gold worth of sacrifices and his pennant is blessed to be a Pennant of Protection from Evil. They then depart for Skelleth.

Smart Remarks and Quotes
Emily(leaving) "Have fun storming the castle" (she stopped in for a few on her way home from work)
Kevin "Monster Summoning is the gift that keeps on giving."

"You will need a golden bowl and pestle blessed by a priest of Ashto. Pour into the bowl, in order, a flask of Torre's holy water, the tears of a mother in mourning, a palmful of ashes from a troll and a vial of blood from the basilisk. Heat these over a fire of birch logs under the full moon. Stir the liquid until it is clear and glows silver. Remove from the heat and let it cool undisturbed until the glow fades. Pour into a fresh flask and use it to anoint the lips of the afflicted"