Sea of Worlds

(based on Michael Moorcock's Sailor on the Seas of Fate and Robert Feist's Midkemia series)

The party has decided they need to go to a large city to find a high level priest or mage who can divine Jables' location. Since KG's castle is in the North Open Lands, they decide to ride north from Valdaire to Verella, since it is on the way to the castle. They take temporary jobs as caravan guards and head out with a caravan. Since the Valdaire-Verella trade road is heavily used by mercenary companies rotating troops out of the Southern City States, the trip is quiet. The caravan stops in Southern Tsaia and they ride on alone. One morning they ride into a particularly dense area of fog, ahead they see a lantern light. They ride up and find a sailor with a rowboat pulled up on the river shore. He is holding the lantern and greets them by name. He says his master sent him ashore to invite them aboard for a job offer and a meal. The party leaves their horses with Symond and they get in the rowboat. He rows them out into the fog to a large ocean going sailing ship made of an unfamiliar dark wood. They climb aboard and see the ship is very clean and well kept, the crew are wearing finely made clothes. The first sailor takes them to the captain's dining room, when asked he says the captain has no name he has shared, they all simply call him the Captain. The room is beautifully and expensively furnished, many metal items are silver or other precious metals. At the table is a stranger, a half-elf druid named Darwin. He says he was picked up the same way they were. When they explain their quest to find Jables, Darwin is crushed, he has heard Jables play and offers to join their quest. The rear door of the dining room opens and the Captain enters. He is tall and well muscled, his face suggests elven heritage but he looks like no half-elf they have met. He too is dressed in clothes of the finest materials and much jewelry and decorations. He is also blind. He sits and his crew serves the meal. He explains his ship travels a sea that touches many worlds. But, on an island in that sea, evil priests from an alien world have established a temple to spread the realm of their evil god. He asks them to journey to the island and destroy the evil there before it can spread, possibly to their world as well. He offers treasure worth 1,500 gold coins to each or a magic item. The party accepts and word is sent ashore to Symond to take their horses to a nearby town and await their return in three or four days. The ship sets sail and some of the party are seasick, but the crew offers them a tonic that eases their discomfort. Only the captain and the sailor who fetched them speak any language they know, but Gyles casts Tongues and speaks to some of the crew.
The next morning they arrive at the island, an outcrop of purplish rock with a few meager clumps of yellow sea grass. In the center is a dome structure made of overlapping scales that look like bone or sun-bleached seashells. The Captain warns them not to take any items or treasure from their enemies, it could be tainted and lead to problems later. A sailor brings up a satchel of what appear to be oil flasks with runes upon them. The Captain says they contain alchemists' fire, they must destroy the evil altar. Two flasks should destroy it, or divine fire will do as well. The sailor passes the flasks around. The Captain wishes them luck and Darwin Shapeshifts into an eagle to fly over the island. Negral follows with his Wings of Flying but they see nothing and return the ship. They are lowered in the rowboat and taken ashore and approach the dome. There is a single opening, an archway which leads to a ramp descending into the earth. It smells of rotting meat and reptiles. Gyles casts Protection from Evil, 10' Radius and they follow the ramp down into a large room, dimly lit by torches and glowing fungus. Inside are six hideous creatures, with snake bodies, human torso and arms and snake heads, all covered in scales. Some have bows and they attack while the rest charge, but are held at bay by the circle. The party counter attacks and Gyles shoots a Holy Smite into their midst. They finish off the monsters and move deeper into the temple, all the walls and halls are curves, few straight lines. They move into another, larger room, possibly sleeping quarters and more of the serpent-men attack. The creatures are tough, but the party continues their advance. They find a room with strange animals in cages or bound, its their larder. Darwin releases the animals into the complex and a few minutes later the curtain to the room passes two new creatures, upright bipedal lizard men. They see the party and begin casting spells. These must be the priests the Captain spoke of. One shoots purple shooting stars at the party and some of those struck are ill and nauseous. The priests cast spells that grow claws on their hands and they rush the party, but are outnumbered and overpowered by the adventurers.
(Callum, Lee and Michael couldn't make the second half, Chmiel played Gyles, Natasha played Darwin and Jim ran KG as a NPC)
The party moves out and follow the corridor to another door. Inside is a steaming pool fed by hot springs with four more of the snake bodied monsters. Sya tries to shoot them but slips and drops her bow in the pool. The monsters climb out and the party fights them and while the monsters have no weapons, their powerful jaws deal severe bites and they can take alot of damage to kill. The adventurers move deeper into the complex and find the temple and their dark altar. Three of the lizard men spellcasters and six of the snake creatures are praying before the altar and turn to fight the adventurers. Negral and Sya charge into battle dealing a blizzard of sword strikes, Gyles, KG and Darwin hold the door. Negral throws a flask of alchemists' fire on the altar and hits the priests as well. KG covers Gyles and Darwin as they cast spells to attack the enemy and heal the party multiple times. Both Gyles and the lizard priests are interrupted casting spells, but the priests finally succeed in hitting Negral and Gyles with acid clouds. Negral makes out fairly well, but the acid cloud eats away his bowstrings and arrows' fletchings, Gyles takes a deeper hit and most of his clothing and gear made of cloth or leather disintegrates and his backpack ruptures, dropping his gear on the floor. One of his oil flasks breaks, spilling oil. Gyles hits the priests with a Silence 15' Radius, then pulls out his Wand of Magic Missiles, sending multiple volleys into the enemy spellcasters. Sya holds two monsters at bay by herself, taking multiple serious wounds (GM's note: I don't think I have ever hit a single player with that many natural 20's in one battle. More 20's on Sya than the rest of the party combined) but getting enough healing to stand fast. Negral deafens the priests with a Roar of the King from his Lion's Fang sword. He also ends up facing two of the monsters and is forced to drink two Potions of Healing in less than five minutes. Once the spellcasters are slain and the battle has turned, Darwin Shapeshifts into a tiger and leaps into battle. The remaining monsters are slain and more alchemists' fire and some holy water are used to destroy the altar. They heal up a little more, but Gyles is exhausted by his prayers. They withdraw from the temple, it is now night outside and strange constellations dot the sky. They return to the ship for rest and the captain sets sail to return them to their home world. The captain offers Gyles some clothes, thanks them for their efforts and asks them what they wish for reward. Darwin asks for a staff and is given the Shrieking Staff. Negral asks for another sword and receives Tranquility. Sya also asks for a sword and receives Nightwatcher. Gyles asks for "something he can be creative with" and is given a Bag of Holding.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee is making up his new druid and looking for character artwork, all the female druids have big boobs
Lee "There's something about being a druid that gives you huge breasts"

Jim "When last we left our band of adventurers, there were more of them"
Lee "And they had more clothes"

Lee's druid is a fanboy of his missing bard Jables
Lee "I was in a tavern and heard the most sublime music…"
Jim "Then Jables came on"

The cleric Gyles is all in for fighting evil, regardless of the pay
Michael "Evil gives me a hard on"
Mike J "I'm not bunking with him, you go to your room and take care of that"
Lee "He'll be in his bunk"

The party is rolling very poorly for combat and worse for damage when they do hit
Michael "He's going to die the death of a thousand cuts"
Lee "I got a tattoo once that felt like this"

Talking about swimming in the hot springs
Chmiel "Want to see why they call me a wood elf?"
Jim "You are at -1 chips"

The dungeon I used was lots of curves and very alien, but my drawing on the white board looked like a bad anatomy sketch
Jim "Now you're leaving the prostate and travelling down the urethra"

Gyles' clothing and gear disintegrates including the bandages and sutures in his first aid kit, but not the needles
Chmiel "I look like a naked junkie"

Talking about how much Chmiel likes to say "Nein!" for nine and we made jokes like "8+1" instead of saying nine or "Chmiel+1" for ten
Jim rolls a nine for damage against Sya
MC "You Chmieled me"
Jim "Sounds like a warcrime"
Chmiel "It was very be-nine"
Jim "-2 chips"

Jim texted Lee about the powers of the Shrieking Staff, Lee misread it
Lee "When I first read that, I thought it said "goat" form. Worst. Staff. Ever."