The crew has come to the planet Orma to talk to Leelan's Junker contact to look for ship upgrade parts. He says he has something to show them. They follow his landing beacon down and land on a platform on top of an old container ship. One end is missing and the hollow cavern of the container ship has been made into a hangar holding scrap to be processed and vehicles to work it. Zaonderh decides to stay on the ship, its too dirty for his tastes. They take a stairwell down from the landing platform and walk along a catwalk to Chag's office which is perched high on the side of the hull. Chag welcomes them and tells them he has something to show them. He leads them to a repulsorlift tug and flies them down to scrapyard deck. There he has the partially stripped remains of a Longprobe Y-wing. She is painted in the Black Knives squadron colors and is the missing ship they were told to look for. Chag offers it to them as a gesture of good faith and they move it so Hack can get to work trying to power up its computers.
The rest of the crew goes looking for parts and find the partially stripped hull of an Old Republic warship. Her guns are gone, but the weapon servoes and controls and communication arrays provide parts for Leelan's plans. They find a small repulsorlift troop transport, but they can't fit it in the Shriek-Hawk at the moment. Chag offers to store the transport and Y-wing until they can return for them.
Meanwhile, Hack finds the primary avionics and nav computer are gone, but the cockpit voice recorder is intact. Hack is able to read the voice records, the last file is marked with a priority code and contains a voice recording of two unknown people discussing stripping the fighter and selling the pilot and droid at "the Puddle Market". The recording was entered by the fighter's R2 astromech, Squeak.
Varek has heard of the Puddle. Its a pirate town on Beldan 4, they have an unregistered settlement and host an illegal no limits flea market roughly once a month. he thinks they may have just missed one. The crew decides they will go there and see if they can find the missing pilot, Lieutenant Maro Vancil, and his astromech.
The crew flies to Beldan 4 and lands at the barren field next to town. They decide to explore, but want to come across as criminals and hard cases. Varek wears his new full suit of Mandalorian armor, Zaonderh dresses up, Leelan and hack go as low key mechanics but C'athall decides to go completely bizarre and wears a pair of boots, a cape and a slung blaster rifle and nothing else…
The crew ends up in the local bar/restaurant and talks to the waitress and the barkeeper, then go to to talk to the owner of the storage buildings by the port. In his junk pile they find a Rebel flight suit and helmet from the Y-wing pilot. They ask if he has an astromech, he says no. They also ask if anyone is selling slaves, and again he doesn't know, but mentions there's a group running an illegal mining operation that buys slaves at the market, may be they can Ask Tilossa, the crime boss who runs town what he knows. They decide to head over to Tilossa's "mansion" and spot an R2 unit with the Black Knives colors working in the garage. Hack and Leelan go back to build a communicator to call the R2 while the rest go in and meet with Tilossa, who is a Gotal. They manage to buy the R2 unit and get some information on the mining operation. They take Squeak back to the ship and he confirms his identity and that Lt. Vancil was sold to the mining operation.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
(GM's note: I don't know what got into everyone, but we had an incredible amount of off-color jokes, NSFW references and dick sketching. And Matt wasn't even there! A lot of it never made it into my notes and at one point I flatly refused to write down anymore. So it was much worse than these comments suggest.)

Emily "I'm going to tell…"
Jim <sings> "She's going to tell"
Kevin "I run in and yell 'No singing! No singing on my ship' "

Talking about if Michael's character had a chance to tell his contact he had to flee the planet
Jim <mimes phone call> " 'We got to get offworld now… Yeah, bounty hunters.' It's an occupational hazard for career criminals"

Discribing Chag's base of operations
Emily "It has it's own junkyard inside. It's a junkyard inside a junkyard"
Kevin "It's Junkception"

Zaonderh remains behind on the ship
Jim "You're polishing your horns"
Emily "Is that what they're calling it these days?"

Looking for a ground vehicle in the junkyard
Lee "What about a food truck? They're everywhere, no one would pay any attention to us"

The crew got a discount on parts and got some money back and were discussing how to spend it
Mike "I'm getting the daily special on Pornhub"
Lee "I'm getting soup AND salad"

Lee's character was talking loud
Mike "Yeah, he's got Tourette's, just ignore him"

The crew is discussing what weapons and stuff to wear in the pirate town and decide to hit the local restaurant
Kevin, thoughtfully "You know… if we're going to a restaurant, I'm not going to wear my shoulder guns"

Jim "A Mandalorian, a Devaronian and a Mirialan walk into a bar…"

Kevin "You're looking at me? As overdressed?"

Discussing fashion in the Star Wars universe
Lee "It's an advanced society, so there are no ties"

Emily "I decided 'Hack' means chicken in Mirialan, but there are no chickens in Star Wars, like there is no underwear"

Michael mimed throwing up so well, for a moment Jim thought he was really choking
Mike "That's real roleplaying"

Lee "It's terrible using Google in Scotland," <great Scottish accent> "Angus, why don't you Goooogle it?"

Describing the local storage buildings, and that the owner sells stuff people leave behind, or takes merchandise as payment to sell later
Lee "It's Storage Wars!"
The storage building owner is an Elomin
Kevin, to Michael "You talk to him, horns talk to horns, it's a rule"

The bartender put some booze in Hack's blue milk
Lee "Can I get an Irish Blue Milk?"
Kevin "Blue Milk Bomb"

Kevin "As Mandalorians, we don't have emotions"