Jumping out of the Cirra system on their way back to base, Varek makes an astrogation error and the ship comes out of hyperspace unexpectedly several hours later. The ship collides with something, alarms sound and the crew is tossed about. Injured Leelan is safely strapped into his bunk, but Hack hits a wall. The crew rush to the bridge as the lights go into emergency mode and the artificial gravity starts to shut down. On the bridge, Varek sees the ship is tumblinng end over end and the primary console is counting down to activation of the distress beacon. Varek pauses the automatic signal while he takes stock. All the power plant, thruster and hyperdrive systems show damaged and he glances up through the cockpit to see the rear half of the ship drifting away, the collision snapped the Shriek Hawk's spine. Controls and life support are running on battery back up. Leelan starts checking power cunsumption, shutting down unneeded systems while Hack scans the system. They are in an uncharted system around a neutron star. The ship has coillided with a small asteroid. Varek wants to recover the engine cluster in hopes the ship can be repaired. He uses the maneuvering thrusters to kill the ship's spin and coax it near to the drifting engines. C'athall, Aurin and Hack go outside with cables. Aurin jumps across to the engines and secures the cables to it. C'athall and Hack slowly pull in the engines and tie them down to the hull.
The team decides to try broadcasting a distress call on Rebel frequencies, hoping to get some friendly assistance. Several hours later, a large ship approaches them, but does not hail them or answer their calls. It is a large, old ship, a flattened oval in cross section and more than twice as long as their ship. It has a large hangar bay that runs more than half the length of the ship. The hangar bay is open and large enough to hold three of their ship. An old wrecked ship is held in grapples inside the bay. Aurin thinks its an Old Republic communications support tender, they were used to repair subspace communication relays and as motherships for couriers. It maneuvers to take them into their bay, but first it fires an ion cannon at them, but misses. C'athall gets on the com and convinces them to accept their surrender. The other ship finally replies, ordering them to stand by for docking. The team decides to plan for the worst. C'athall, Aurin and Varek gear up and hide in the smuggling compartment in suits. Leelan, Hack and Zaonderh will surrender and keep an open com to tell the hidden team members when it is safe to sneak out.
The tender takes them into its bay, grapples them and extends a docking tube to their airlock. The hatch opens to reveal four armed Aqualish in armored space suits. They roughly disarm the team and take them prisoner, binding their hands behind them and marching them off the ship. When Hack protests, one smacks him around with its rifle butt. Theyare marched into a large cargo bay filled with salvaged parts and scrap and their handcuffs are tied to cargo rings in the deck. Two guards stay to watch them and the other two go off to report. C'athall, Varek and Aurin attack and free the rest of the party and they head up to the command deck and begin fighting their way through the rest of the crew. Leelan stops in the sick bay to see if they have an autodoc that can help him. When he puts his injured leg in the macine for examination, it sedates him and begins operating! The rest of the team fights their way to the bridge and then takes out the captain and the bridge crew. With the ship under their control, they jump out of the neutron star system to safety, then head back to the Rebel base. The autodoc releases Leelan a few hours later, it has healed the stump of his leg and cleaned up the tissue in preparation for a prosthesis to be fitted.
When they arrive at base, it takes a little while to get cleared, but since the team was overdue and possibly lost, everyone is happy they made it back safely. Even the capture of the tender is a great success, it can be used as a fighter transport. The crippled Shriek Hawk is left with the base staff, she might be repairable, but it will take a while and may need a full dockyard.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily makes a successful roll
Emily "I didn't die"
MC pointing at Emily's d6 "You didn't die"

Remembering who was wounded in the last adventure
Emily "I lost my foot"
MC "Do you need help finding it?"

The crew outside the ship are using lots of safety lines
Mike "I literally look like a marionette"

Redirecting power to extend life support
Emily, to Lee "I diverted power from your porn"
Jim "You're going to survive an extra week"
Emily "It was the largest power draw"

Surrendering to the scavengers, trying to look nonthreatening
Emily "I'll act more wounded than I am"
Mike "You wrap your head with an old Civil War bandage"

Hack mouths off to the guards and one hits him with the butt of his blaster rifle, which is a buttstroke, but no one else knew that, so for the rest of the night, it was all sexual innuendo such as:
Mike "He buttstrokes you, running his hand down the curve of your butt"

Discussing how to attack the Aqualish, who are spider-walrus men
MC "Grab them by the pussy"
Lee "Grab them by the ovipositer"

Their ship's cargo bay is inside the other ship's cargo bay
Lee "Cargoception"

Emily's character is tied to a cargo ring in the floor and trying to fight
Lee "You could foot sweep him"
Mike "But you've only got one foot"

An enemy is hit and wounded twice
Kevin "He's double wounded, it's like double secret probation with blood"

The secret word to attack was moist, and Leelan was walking around on his stump so of course we added
Lee "Bang Bus 23, Moist Stump"
Emily "Bang Bus 24, Butt Strokelandia"

Looking down the long hallway of the bridge deck, with all the doors to siderooms
Kevin "Doors and Corners"

Leelan puts his wounded leg in the autodoc and it sedates him and he passes out
Mike "You're going to wake up with a Deadpool baby foot"