Saxon's Contacts

Saxon’s contacts
Ting Bascom
Ting is the Casino Boss on the Golden Voyage; a casino liner based on Gonghe’s skyplex Wan Jing, and does a triangle route from Sihnon to Boros to Gonghe. Ting’s exact origins are a little mysterious, but she rose to prominence after being the youngest winner of the Gonghe Open Poker Tournament. Asian female, late 30’s.

Depak Raza
The hotel manager for Aramaki’s, a casino on Persephone. He has seen and been entertained by some of Saxon’s exploits. Depak was once involved in a confrontation that was escalating to a duel when Saxon stepped in and offered his services as second. The other man backed off because of Saxon’s reputation and Depak feels he owes Saxon his life. There’s always room for Saxon and his guests at the casino. Hindu male, late 40’s.

Oliver Clancy
Oliver is Maitre’d at Chu-Shen’s restaurant in New Manchester on Londinium. He is a family friend of Saxon’s. White male, early 50’s, short brown hair and goatee.

Lady Du Ping
Like Saxon, Ping is the child of a very wealthy family. Unlike him, she moves gracefully through the upper crust. She treats Saxon like a younger brother: loved, but exasperating because he needs to grow up. Asian female, beautiful and graceful, early 30’s. Currently lives on Persephone.

Steven Long
A Lieutenant in the Ariel City Police, Steve has picked up Saxon more than once, but likes him anyway since he never makes a fuss once the police step in. Asian/Hispanic, late 30’s. Short with black hair and mustache.

Susan Wei
A young Companion on Sihnon, she has met Saxon a few times as they both move through the upper circles of society. There’s a rumor that Saxon disliked her client of the moment so much that he beat the man at baccarat and forced him to transfer Susan’s contract for the evening to Saxon as part of the winnings. Asian, late 20’s, very beautiful of course.

Group Contacts
Marc Oberlindes is the current head of the family owned Oberlindes Shipping company based in Leedor on Persephone. Oberlindes has shipping and freight services in the core and border worlds. It’s not the largest, but it is strong and growing. They are currently in a rivalry with the larger and more established Tukera Lines. He is a connoisseur of fine wines. Marc is tall, very thin with black hair shot with some streaks of grey. White male, early 60’s but in excellent health.

Gustav & Lisa Fireau are the father and daughter owners of the Fireau et Fille vineyard on Harvest. They make some of the Verse’s most renowned wines, especially the rare Zilan eiswine. Gustav is in his late 50’s and getting fat in his age, with dark hair and long mustache. Lisa is in her early 30’s, slender and beautiful with her late Arabic mother’s black hair and dark complexion.

Magistrate Hofmeyer is the regional Alliance magistrate in Levittown on Zephyr, originally from Osiris. He owes his daughter Lisa’s life to the crew for rescuing her from kidnappers. He is a very honest and dedicated official, enforcing the law for the sake of the people. Tall and thin with short blonde hair. His right hand man is Lt. Quan, also from Osiris.

Baron Von Alksburg is a major player in the Alliance Parliament. A native of Persephone, his family has a long and noble history. Von Alksburg opposed the War of Unification and is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. His current efforts are focused on improving living conditions on the Rim, rationalizing military spending (and reducing corruption) and regaining suffrage rights for former Independents.