Saxon Molyneux

(Played by Drew)
Saxon is the younger son of the rich and powerful Molyneux family on Ariel. Saxon could have enjoyed a life of leisure amidst the very upper crust of Alliance society, but instead became something of a rogue. He was well educated, and excelled at pistols and swordmanship as well as gambling. Saxon became a blight on his family name as he drank, partied, gambled, seduced and duelled his way into the headlines of the Core world tabloids. He has killed at least two people in duels. His family's wealth and influence kept him out of jail, but finally he went too far. His family gave him a trust fund to keep him comfortable and pay for him to tour the 'Verse and told him to leave Ariel. The family company, the Molyneux Foundation is a major player in the 'Verse financial scene, among other things, they own a 1% share in the Blue Sun Corporation.
Saxon's father is Shatner Molyneux, his uncle is Walken Molyneux. Saxon's mother, on the other hand, is from Persephone. Genevieve Von Munchausen-Molyneux, or "Viv" for short. Yes, her father is a Baron…

He's not a regular on the ship, but will take passage on the Yellow Submarine whenever it crosses his path (in other words, whenever Drew is available to play).

Saxon's Questionaire
Saxon's Contacts

Age:29 Description: Playboy Gambler/Duelist
Homeworld: Ariel

Agility: d10
Strength d6
Vitality d8
Alertness d10
Intelligence d6
Willpower d8

Athletics d6
Covert d6
-Sleight of Hand d8
Influence d6
- Seduction d10
- Persuasion d12
Knowledge d6
Medical Expertise d6
Perception d6
- Gambling d10
- Intuition d8
Performance d4
Planetary Vehicles d6
- Hover d10
Guns d6
- Pistol d12
Melee Weapons d6
- Sword d12
Unarmed Combat d6

Heavy Tolerance (m)
Highly Educated (m)
Moneyed Individual (M)
Lightnin' Reflexes (M)
Fightin' Type (M)
Things go Smooth (m)

Amorous (m)
Prejudice- Authority Figures (m)
Memorable (m)
Credo- Defend women (m)
Chip on the Shoulder (m)