The Sata Fund

The Sata Fund is a non-profit organization designed to provide free or low cost medical assistance to Rim world populations. It was founded by Lennon and is jointly financed by private contributions, Lennon's prize money from the salvage of the HMS Seeker and a grant from the Molyneux Foundation. Saxon Molyneux is the President of the company and Lennon is the Chief Medical Officer. The initial ships of the company were designed by Chih Jackson's company, Complete Spaceship Solutions and Howard Vaughn was the captain and chief pilot of the first hospital ship. Medical personnel are recruited from worlds all over the 'Verse, new grads are offered a chance to gain valuable practical experience and get their loans paid off.

Currently, the hospital ships are working the Red Sun system, with plans to eventually expand service to other systems. Even in White Sun, at the heart of the Alliance, there are poor worlds without proper medical services that the ships of the Sata Fund may eventually provide service to.