Salvage Run

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Blue Sun Departure
After the search for the Astrid Maru, Captain Windsor decides to leave Blue Sun. He puts Cid to work finding a cargo, but he strikes out. The captain calls around and gets a few small cargoes headed to Beaumonde in Kalidasa, but not a full ship's worth. They decide to take passengers as well, and get several, including an Alliance Army officer. Cid is unhappy with the officer, but the trip is relatively uneventful. Naomi is also still unhappy and is avoiding the crew and sulking in her cabin or in engineering. When they arrive at Beaumonde, the captain declares a couple days of shore leave. Naomi approaches the captain about stocking up on spare parts and he agrees. Naomi leaves and Ruan can't help but follow her to keep an eye on her, but she catches him shadowing her. Naomi gives Ruan some money and half her list of items to keep him busy while she looks for some items that are more questionable. Cid is looking for a Callahan Auto Lock and just can't get any where with the underworld. Silas contacts an illegal gunsmith he knows and makes arrangements to get an Autolock and a high grade combat sword through him.

Drinks and an Adventure
While the crew is getting shore leave, the captain decides to unwind as well. At a high class bar, he meets an attractive woman, Selene Gainsborough, also from Londinium. It turns out she has a job that needs a ship and crew. She has obtained a limited salvage permit for the Vega, a Stellar class passenger liner that had an accident near the rings of Thalia. She offers a minimum of 1,000 credits or 50% of the total haul above that if Windsor and his crew can help her. Windsor agrees and they end up in her hotel to seal the deal.
The next morning, Windsor introduces Selene to the crew and explains the job. they are going to search the ship for personal items and cash, they can't take any items from the ship itself, there is still an investigation pending. The liner captain was showing off and came to close to the debris ring and the ship was struck several times, crippling and depressurizing the ship and killing some passengers. The Britannia departs for Thalia, which is on the outer edge of the Kalidasa system.

Get the silverware too
The Vega is drifting a safe distance away from Thalia's rings. The rescue team that picked up the survivors and the victims' bodies left a navigation beacon on her as a warning to other traffic. Since she has been alone for awhile, Windsor sends over a search team to examine the airlocks for reaver boobytraps, then he brings the Britannia in for a docking on one of the lateral airlocks. Leaving Cid to man the ship and watch Sarah, the rest of the crew begins looting the ship. They search passenger rooms and the cargo bays. They hit engineering for parts and the bar for liquor. They find the casino, but no money, just chips. But that leads them to the purser's office and Ronnie cracks the safe and the armory, yielding cash, jewelry and and some guns and crowd control gear. They also decide to tap her fuel tanks, so Silas rigs a fuel transfer pipe and goes outside. Cid maneuvers alongside and tops off the Britannia's tanks then redocks on the lateral airlock. Naomi goes outside and steals decoys from the ship's countermeasure launcher. They begin loading loot aboard ship, Ruan knows when Selene finds what she is looking for.

Pirates off the starboard bow…
Cid has been keeping a sensor watch and detects a Trident class fast transport approaching them, her transponder is off. Cid sounds the alarm and everyone rushes back aboard. The Trident is a pirate, she snags the Britannia with a magnetic grapple. The crew takes defensive positions; Silas, Ruan and Ronnie in the lounge, Cid seals the bridge, the captain and Naomi go outside to try to remove the grapple. Selene pulls up a deck plate in the cargo bay and hides a data disk inside, Cid sees her on the security cameras. The pirate has a boarding torch, they begin cutting a hole in the top of the ship. Ruan senses there are four pirates waiting to board them, and eight more aboard the ship. The hull section is cut free and pirates begin dropping into the ship. Silas, Ruan and Ronnie catch the first in a crossfire, Windsor and Naomi shoot at the others, but Naomi is knocked off the ship by her railgun. With the first couple of boarders dead, the pirate gunner fires a burst of cannon shells into the breach, Silas is injured and has to patch his suit. Windsor shoots and disables the gun mount. Silas turns off the artificial gravity in the lounge and he, Ronnie and Ruan jump up and out of the breach and everyone attacks the next boarders. Silas shoots one, but the pirate's armored space suit turns the bullet. Silas charges him and grabs the pirate with one hand, then slashes a powered saw across the pirates visor, blinding him with shards and letting him asphyxiate. Ronnie goes flying free from the ship, tumbling from being hit by bullets. Cid breaks the ship free and flies over to pick up Naomi with the cargo bay open. Ruan leaps from the ship and uses his suit maneuvering pack to catch Ronnie, then maneuvers them both onto the pirate and begin looking for a way in. The pirate grapples them again and Cid breaks free again. The pirate begins firing missiles as Naomi powers up their improvised railgun. Cid aims the ship and Naomi fires, hitting the Trident in the engineering section. But all the power systems on the Britannia crash and the ship goes dark. Silas and Naomi rush to reboot the Britannia.Just as Ruan and Ronnie begin cutting into an airlock door, an Alliance Frigate class patrol ship, the IAV Kestrel, arrives and orders everyone to surrender. The pirate turns to flee, but Ronnie and Ruan are out for blood and continue their attack. They enter the ship, and move towards the bridge where Ruan can sense the remaining crew has gathered. They find an armory and Ronnie breaks in. They take five boarding grenades and sneak up to the bridge hatch. The Kestral launches assault shuttles to both ships and fires two railgun shots into the pirate, crippling her. Ruan and Ronnie open the bridge hatch and toss in three grenades, killing the last pirates. They strip off their suits and call the Kestral and pretend they were kidnapped by the pirates and escaped.
While everyone is waiting for the Alliance to board, Cid retrieves the data disk and puts it in Selene's room so if the Feds find it, the crew can say it is hers, not theirs. When the boarding party comes aboard and begins to search the ship, Selene is very angry at the captain, she barely managed to hide it. Everyone is questioned, Ruan and Ronnie are taken prisoner and transported back. The boarding team searches all the loot the crew has taken from the Vega. After much questioning, the Alliance officer confiscates Ronnie's stealth armor and takes Ruan's null holsters. He cancels Selene's salvage permit and orders them to leave, but they can keep what they salvaged. Since their ship was damaged, Windsor asks if the can pull some hull plating from the pirate for repairs. The Alliance officer agrees and the crew is able to get Ronnie and Ruan's spacesuits back from the pirate ship. They weld temporary plating over the hull breaches. Selene is barely speaking to them and orders them to head to Persephone where her fence is. Along the way, Windsor asks Ruan to Read her and find out what the disk is. Ruan learns it is a blackmail recording of an Alliance officer torturing a suspect to death. Selene and her partner were on the liner when the accident occurred, her partner was killed. They were going to blackmail the officer with the recording. The pirate must have been sent by someone else who wanted the disk as blackmail material.
On Persephone, Selene's contact turns out to be Badger, who remembers the crew from their previous encounter. He bargains with Selene and she pays them their 50% and storms off. The crew decides to go to Boros and get repairs from the shipyard Cid's father owns. They get cargo for Boros and head there for repairs. Repairs will be expensive, it ends up costing them about what they made in salvage. Ruan calls Niska about getting new null holsters and he brushes Ruan off. Ruan talks to Silas about his gunsmith contact.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael is complaining in character about the Alliance officer passenger
Lee "He's here because you were so crappy getting cargo"

Ruan is being stalked by an unattractive female passenger
Emily "I have to be more careful with my flirting, I don't want to get tied down. Well, getting tied down and then untied is okay"

The captain is having a fling with an attractive woman he meets who is the adventure patron
Raleigh "The adventure hook-up"

Talking about salvaging personal items from the derelict ship
Jim "The technical term is looting"

The captain's description of Selene
Lee "Tall and extremely…trustworthy"

Someone suggested the NPC was a cheap whore and Jim grabbed a 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide to refer to the Random Prostitute table which led to a discussion of different terms
Jim "Saucy tart? Have you got any jammy dodgers?"

A discussion of using children's board games like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders for a map
Lee "Good news, I've astrogated successfully, the bad news is we are in the gumdrop forest"

Shown a picture of the derelict passenger liner
Matt "Looks like the Enterprise after getting fat"

Matt "It's like that Sandra Bullock movie"
Jim "Gravity"
Lee "Miss Congeniality"
Emily "I thought he meant Speed"

There was repeated concern about illegal salvage and Lee kept emphasizing the Selene had a permit
Lee "She has a valid Perm! Mit!"
Matt "She has a perm from MIT?"
Lee "Zero G Hair Engineering"
Raleigh "She's a hair-chitect"

Dividing up the crew into two teams, Windsor, Selene and Naomi and:
Emily "I will go with Ronnie and Silas…"
Kevin "Because we're the only people left"

Kevin showed us the Firefly cast performs "Living on a Prayer" video
Lee "I thought the landing on the comet was impressive until I saw this"

Matt to Kevin "We have to go back to the ship. I just grab your mustache and ride you back"

Talking about how Silas fixed the ship with a hammer
Kevin "The hammer was the most appropriate tool"
Lee (quietly) "The hammer is your penis"

Emily "I'm serious, I'm actually playing the game now"
Lee "Whhaaatttt!"

Rolling initiative, we had some poor rolls
Lee "Also 3, I'm going to take a nap"
Matt "Tea time"

Raleigh "If they were reavers, they would sleep with you…"

Matt's character is knocked tumbling into space
Matt "All aboard the vomit comet"

The pirates attack the Britannia
Lee "They cut a hole in my ship…Fuck them up…"

Michael "Can I find it and hide it in my… pants?"
Lee "Because no one has ever hidden anything in their pants"

Emily "Knock on the door with bullets"

Ronnie and Ruan are stealthy super assassins, so…
Matt "It's Pirates versus Ninjas"

Ruan is Reading Selene about what's on the data disk and Jim says its just a light Reading
Jim "You're not probing her to her inner depths"
Lee "I already took care of that"

Going over the loot and salvaged weapons, deciding what to keep
Lee "I think we have shotguns, let me check with Yeoman Rand"
Lee "I think our next job should be a milk run; specifically we should carry milk"

The ship's galley was destroyed
Jim "It's TV dinners every night all the way to Boros"
Emily "It's like BBQ every night"

The crew is doing sparring in the cargo bay, swords and improvised weapons
Lee "Who got Hunger Games in the cargo bay?"
Emily "This is Sparta!"