Sailor on the Sea of Fate

(GM's note- Partly stolen from Michael Moorcock's "Sailor on the Seas of Fate" in the Elric of Melnibone series)
The party has awakened on the mystery ship as it sails a strange sea to a mysterious island for a battle with evil. The sea is green, the sky yellow. When they sit down to breakfast with the captain, a storm sweeps in with red lightning flashes. Most of the party is okay, but Hudora is a little queasy. The first mate passes her a shot of what looks like whiskey, but tastes like mustard, however it settles her stomach and she is able to eat. Late in the day, the storm passes and they sail up to a small barren island of purple stone and yellow seagrasses. The ship's crew lowers a rowboat and prepares to take the party ashore. The captain and first mate give them some last minute advice. the mate has a satchel with three flasks of alchemists' fire; the captain says one should destroy the altar, two will do it for sure. There's a third just in case. Divine fire from Harper or Raidne's spells will do as well. Also, do not take any treasure or loot from the enemy, their taint could cling to it and cause problems when the adventurers return to their home. The ship will wait for two days for them to return.
The crew rows the party ashore, then returns to the ship. Raidne shapeshifts into an owl and flies over the island. At the highest point, she spots a dome that looks like it's made from scale shaped stones. There's a single entranceway arch that is dark and forbidding. It smells of dead meat and reptiles. The party moves in and finds a ramp descending into a large circular, domed chamber with six lizard man like creatures. Raidne Starts with an Erupting Earth spell under a group, Hudora hides and snipes. HHarper and Pancho shoot from the ramp while Eroe charges into battle. The battle swirls around the foot of the ramp, some gang up on Eroe, others push up the ramp to fight Harper and Pancho and a couple of the lizard men stand back and shoot arrows. They are quite capable fighters. Two pile on Harper and she is forced to use her shield's magic to deflect their attacks. Eroe hammers the lizard men with his swords and Hudora supports him with shots from the shadows. Raidne casts Flaming Blade and pitches in to help Harper. As they fight, Hudora notices the creatures are not true lizard men like she studied in school; they have human like bodies and features overlayed with scaly skin. One actually bites in combat in addition to swinging its sword at Eroe. One creature after another falls before the party until they have all been slain.
Everyone catches their breath and decides to move on. Beyond the door is curving passageway that descends to the right and meets a fork on the left. They got right and follow the slope down deeeper below ground. The passage ends at a door and behind the door is a large oval room with two of the lizard men warriors, another in robes and a new horror; a creature with a humanoid torso sprouting from a snake body, with a snake's head. Eroe charges to battle, Hudora hangs back and snipes with her crossbow. The half snake shoots at them with a long bow, Raidne replies with hers but finishes the creature with a Blight spell. The priest hits Eroe with a spell, but his Ring of Spell Turning reflects it back at him. Pancho hits the priest with Enemies Abound and it shoots a spell like a poison Magic Missile spell at his allies and half the party. Pancho is debilitated by the poison. Harper mostly shoots arrows, but hits the priest with a Guiding Bolt and Hudora drops him.Eroe finishes the two warriors. The room looks like sleeping quarters, but at the end is a statue of what they feel is a snakeman god. It is so well carved that it almost radiates evil and hate. The adventurers find a room with crates of foodstuffs and live animals; small chicken sized bipedal lizards and larger pig-sized reptiles bound and muzzled. The next door opens to let out hot, muggy air, the room is a sunken mud pit with a mix of enemies. They retreat and Hudora jams the door shut with climbing spikes. They venture further, finding a circular room with weapon racks and scarred walls and bloodstained floors; an arena or sparring room. Finally, they find the aliens' temple in a large crescent shaped room with two of the half snakes and two warriors and priests. It's a bitter battle, the half snakes are stroner than Eroe and Harper and none of them show any fear in battle. One of the priests does retreat to get help. Pancho fires off a Dissonant Whispers and Shatter spells. Raidne traps the two half snakes in a Wall of Fire, but they break through to attack. She goes into bear form and knocks one of the lizard men down so she can get at the enemy priest. Eroe slashes and Hudora shoots, Harper summons a Spiritual Weapon and fights alongside Eroe. Hudora finishes the priest, Eroe takes out the warriors and Harper gets in the killing blow on the two snake men. Pancho heals the party and they destroy the altar with two flasks of the alchemist's fire.
But on the way out, they are attacked by a large group of the reptile men; two snake men, a priest and four warriors. Swords, arrows and spells fly in both directions. Raidne pushes them back with a Tidal Wave, then sweeps a Moonbeam through the enemy. Hudora and Pancho snipe and she uses Magic Missile and he hits the tail end of the enemy with Shatter. Eroe is in the lead, Harper by his side. The alien priest casts a spell that turns his arms into snakes that stretch out and snap at Eroe. Pancho plays a healing song on his Doss Lute to help Eroe. They cut their way through the enemy and escape to the surface. The rowboat is waiting off shore and comes in to pick them up. Back on the ship, the captain questions them on their mission. The party says they destroyed the altar and killed most of the aliens; there ay be a few survivors. he accepts that, the destruction of their altar was the important. The ship sets sail for their home and they ask to returned near Verella. After a few days journey, they arrive on a river bank in the fog and the ship comes close enough to shore to down the gangplank and let the party off. Before they leave, the captain rewards them. Eroe gets a Cloak, Hudora a dagger, Harper a staff, Raidne a paint set and Pancho a Ring of Protection. The ship moves away from shore and the fog recedes, when the fog blows away on the wind, the ship is gone.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Preparing the rowboat
Stacy "Row for initiative"

Approaching the alien temple
Brittany "There's no door to knock on, so I don't know what to do"

Jim rolls two "1"s for damage for a lizard man's attack
Brittany "Snake eyes"
Jim "Snake eyes, you're right"
Brittany "I'm just rolling today"

Fighting the snake men
Stacy "Am I a cold blooded murderer yet?"

The lizard men seem more intelligent than the ones on their world
Jack, Yogi Bear voice "Smarter than the average reptile"

Pancho uses his Doss Lute to heal Eroe
Jack "I'm not dead yet; it's not time to lute me"