Running out of Patience

(Based on Star Wars D20 adventure "Rendezvous on Ord Mantell")

The player characters are a bunch of down on their luck drifters, stuck on Whitefall. The local crime matriarch, "Mayor" Patience, calls them into her office and tells them they have been cluttering up her town for a while. That was fine when they had money to spend, but she heard they are coming to the end of their cash.
She has a proposition; a ship bringing her a cargo made a bad landing out in the wilderness. If they will carry a load of parts to the ship and help the crew get it fixed and back to town with her cargo, she will pay them enough to get off her moon and get a new start somewhere else.
The players drive an old hovertruck out to the crashed ship, but discover it was attacked by bandits, the crew killed and the cargo taken. The ship is an old Jeremiah light freighter and is in really bad shape, but the mechanic says he can fix it. They decide to go after the bandits, but first spend some time fixing up the truck, since it died on the way out. They follow the tracks to the bandits' hideout, an abandoned farm. They sneak into the garage and find the missing cargo on an old wagon still hitched to a mule. They decide to start a fire on the barn to scare away the horses as a diversion. When the barn catches fire, they drive out of the garage, towing the trailer and exchange fire with some of the bandits. Partway back to the ship, more bandits on horses show up and they have a running gun battle. Then they realize they left Patience's hovertruck at the hideout and circle back for it.
Returning to the ship, they load all the vehicles on the ship and get to work. They repair the ship and fly back to town, but the pilot makes a terrible landing and wrecks the ship. When Patience shows up, she's so mad she almost kills them, but decides its not worth it and pays them enough to buy passage offworld and tells them to never show up on her moon again…

Michael- Former Blackjack Pilot Rex
Jeremy- Mechanic Marcus
Sing- Mercenary

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Some girls walk by in the hallway with a beagle
Michael "I don't like the kind that are noisy. I can't remember what are they called; a woman at my church has a couple"
Jeremy "Children?"

After spending all night defending his character's piloting skill, Michael finally gets to fly the ship. And he rolls a double 1 on his 2d10 and botches, crashing the ship
Michael "Any landing you can walk away from…"
Jeremy "The ship carried us all the way to the scene of the crash"
Jeremy "Okay, if anyone asks, I had to jury rig the ship and it barely worked"