Running Out Of Patience

(Based on Star Wars D20 adventure "Rendezvous on Ord Mantell")
The player characters are a bunch of down on their luck drifters, stuck on Whitefall. The local crime matriarch, "Mayor" Patience, calls them into her office and tells them they have been cluttering up her town for a while. That was fine when they had money to spend, but she heard they are coming to the end of their cash.
She has a proposition; a ship bringing her a cargo made a bad landing out in the wilderness. If they will carry a load of parts to the ship and help the crew get it fixed and back to town with her cargo, she will pay them enough to get off her moon and get a new start somewhere else.
The players drive an old hovertruck out to the crashed ship, but discover it was attacked by bandits, the crew killed and the cargo taken. They call Patience and she tells them she'll give them title to the ship if they can recover her cargo. The mechanic gets to work on the ship while the rest of the crew tracks down the bandit's hideout and steals back the cargo.
Returning to the ship, the characters decide they can't trust Patience to keep her word. They decide to take the ship and cargo and leave Whitefall behind. They get the ship up and running and limp across system to Boros.

Matt, Chmiel, Konrad, Christopher, and Asa