Ruan's Timeline
Date Ruan The Academy/History Locke
2495 (April 14) Ruan is born on Londinium. His family is upper middle class living outside the government protected zone.
2499 The first seeds of what will become The Academy are sown by Blue Sun Corp.
2501 The Academy admits its first official “class”. Locke, at 13 years of age, is one of 12 members of this class.
From their experiences with Locke, his classmates, and others like them, the Academy realizes that 13 is too old to start training. Though these students failed to make good assassins, their maturity and life experiences make them excellent for a different purpose.
The Academy adopts a “tethered” model in which a psychically linked “Operator” is paired with an "Agent". Members of Locke’s and other early Academy classes receive special Operator training.
2505 (June) The Unification War begins with Alliance invasion of Persephone.
(August) Ruan is pulled from his school’s “gifted and talented” program to The Academy and begins the Agent training program. He is 10 years old. Due to the escalation of anti-Alliance sentiment, the Academy is taking more students than ever before.
2508 Ruan begins training for tethered operation. Locke, having completed Operator training, is assigned his first Agent, Ruan.
2509 Ruan (14 years old) and Locke enter into operational status as Ag/Op team 59955429/Locke. Ruan and Locke become a competent and reliable team. Ruan is a stable Agent known for never breaking down in the field. Locke is well respected for his expert handling of Ruan on the job as well as his attention to Ruan’s training and fitness during downtime. Like many Operators, Locke refers to his agent by a pet name (since they only have numbers). Ruan is “two nine”, after the last 2 numbers of his identifier. Often this is shortened to simply “nine”. Like any skilled weapon expert, Locke takes pride in his work and in his weapon. He is dedicated to the program and proud of the work he does with Ruan.
2511 (July 1) The end of the Battle of Serenity Valley.
2513 (March) The first escape by an Agent while working a job. This is known as the “Agent Y Incident”. At the time it was considered the worst accident in the Academy’s history.
Ruan is sent in to retrieve Agent Y, still loose, but contained in a controlled area. He hunts her over 2 days at Locke’s command. Because she is a valuable asset, Ruan is forbidden to shoot her and must capture her alive using only hand to hand techniques. He returns with his captive, seriously wounded, dehydrated, exhausted and scared. Locke has been pushing him so hard for so long that he kills several his own extraction team before Locke can shut him down. The recovery effort is considered a success. Agent Y is decommissioned. Her Operator is so psychically damaged by the incident that she never works again. Locke and Ruan are briefly heroes for carrying out such a difficult and vital mission for the protection of the secrecy of the organization. During debriefing Locke is commended for his skilled operating during the mission. It is agreed also that Ruan is a very exceptional and talented asset. Locke has his first doubts about what they are doing. He can’t help feeling like all he did was, for 2 days force an enslaved teenaged boy to fight a nearly unbeatable opponent against his will.
Ruan is quickly healed and restored to operational status. Locke is glad to be working again, but notices that Ruan is different - more twitchy and very reluctant to fight hand to hand. More importantly, Locke can feel that Ruan now lacks the implicit unwavering trust in him that he once had. Locke’s concerns are largely ignored. Instead, he and Ruan are only assigned to missions in which shooting a target or targets is the primary goal.
2514 While on the job, Ruan successfully hides his intentions from Locke and escapes. He knocks Locke out with a length of pipe and escapes in Locke’s surveillance vehicle. (January) The Amos Beeson Job on Ezra. When Locke returns to consciousness, Ruan is gone. He notifies the Academy and a recovery effort is launched.
After a week of searching Ezra and monitoring all traffic leaving the planet, the Academy calls off Ezra recovery efforts. “Locke’s Stray Dog” is now the worst accident in Academy history. As a result changes are made. Security is tightened and protocols are revised. With 2 incidents so close together it is obvious that deeper and more complete brainwashing will be needed to create subjects that CAN’T run. Locke is suspended from service for debriefing and investigation.
2514 Having hidden in Niska's ccompound for a week, Ruan delines a job offer as an enforcer and asks to "hide in plain sight". He travels to Ariel with very good fake paperwork and enrolls in Paramedic training. At the end of 2514 Locke is working again but now with much more limited freedom. Instead of operating an Agent, he is now essentially a “mind reader for the government” doing dull low level investigation.
2515 (March) After graduation from medic training, Ruan takes a job on Gonghe with a private ambulance company serving the Center City hospitals. As Ruan has failed to turn up anywhere for over a year, he is considered a complete loss and most likely dead.
2516 (April 14) Ruan's ambulance crew answer a routine call at a large casino. Everything is going smoothly (chest pains, but most likely just indigestion) when Ruan abruptly leaves his crew and flees. Ruan apologizes to his boss and expains that due to an emergency, he cannot stay on Gonghe. (April 14) Locke is sent with his handlers to Center City, Gonghe as part on an investigation into whether or not a Blue Sun owned casino is being cheated by its Tong overseers. (It was, but only a little bit.) Locke contacts the Academy and reports that Ruan is alive and on Gonghe.
(April 16) Ruan is hired on as medic for the Britannia. The Academy has doubts that Locke's Stray Dog is truly at large. Locke begins research on his own.

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