Ruan's stuff

His Stuff: Ruan travels light. He had a duffle and a small travel case when he boarded the Britannia. He favors black though he does have a few other colors in his wardrobe he is always in dark clothes. He also has a very nice paramedic bag from his school on Ariel. When they are planetside, Ruan carries a smaller version of this bag with just the necessities. The Britannia does not have an infirmary so Ruan keeps his medical equipment in a locker off the ship's common living space.

His Space: As the most recently hired, Ruan has the smallest quarters of any of the crew. As he has very few belongings, it is easy for him to keep his quarters neat and organized. He has a few decorations on the walls: his diploma from Ariel Allied Health (He is very proud of his training.), a placard with the Gonghe Rescue and EMS Seal that was signed by his old ambulance crew as a going away gift (handwritten on it: "Car No. 11 Sleep, Save, Repeat!"), and an old style Londinium tourism poster.

With his garden bunk setup now in the ship's hold, he has room for a roommate.

Working style: Ruan graduated from his paramedic training program only a year ago. He worked on a very busy ambulance crew in one of Gonghe's biggest cities so he has had enough experience to cement in his training, but he is still new and this is his first time working solo. Ruan works with the methodical caution of someone who is well trained, but lacks the confidence that comes from real work experience to back up his skills. His confidence and speed will increase as he gains more experience.

Normal routine:
Despite this being his first time working on a ship that spends a lot of its time traveling in deep space, he seems to have adapted well. He keeps a standard day and night schedule with meal times, chores, study time (during which he works towards his orbital rescue medic certification), free time, and exercise all worked in. He is quite good at keeping himself occupied while they are underway and even seems to enjoy it. As his medic duties are quite minimal as long as no one is injured, he usually ends up cleaning the ship.

When Sarah was still aboard, he tried to engage her in games around the ship; usually a home brew game of "communicator tag" which is a cross between marco polo and hide-and-seek. He actually misses Sarah quite a bit. He doesn't remember his own childhood and he actually enjoyed interacting her and imagining that he was once like that.

When the ship is enroute, Ruan spends a fair bit of time gardening so that his 3 garden bunks produce a steady supply of fresh food for the crew and passengers.

Ruan's first hobby ever though was sightseeing.

On Gonghe, without any friends or passtimes, Ruan initially spent all his time working; sometimes even showing up on his days off and clocking in hoping that nobody noticed he wasn't actually supposed to be there. Eventually it was noticed. When Ruan explained that it was because he didn't know what to do with himself on Gonghe, his bemused boss grabbed a barely read book1 of Gonghe travel destinations off his desk and told Ruan to go sight seeing. Ruan dutifully took up the task, traveling to Gonghe's many tourist spots on his days off where he also discovered he liked the souvenirs.

Ruan was about halfway though the book when he had to leave Gonghe. As he was in a hurry and traveling light and he regretfully left most of his Gonghe souvenir collection behind.

With all the traveling that they do, Ruan has really kicked his tourism up to a new level. Whenever they have shore leave, if he doesn't have anything he needs to do (which he usually doesn't), he is a sucker for cheesy tourist attractions and their souvenirs. He has decorated the ship with his finds and has a special fondness for snow globes.