Ruan’s Data Records from the Academy: Inventory

1) initial assessment of Evan’s Halliwell for candidacy: observations and recordings starting at the age of eight.

  • Dossier of the Evans’ family on Londinium as well as a second file of the Halliwell Environmental Corporate holdings and assets.
  • note: for those from and familiar with the core, the Halliwell Environmental logo should look very familiar. In urban centers it would be common to see on the large capital Halliwell serifed “H” on a building’s HVAC equipment. (similar to the Otis and Schindler logos seen in nearly every modern elevator.)
  • Halliwell Environmental has been since purchased by Blue Sun at nearly a fraction of what it was worth prior.
  • It is clear that the break down of Halliwell family and acquisition of the company was part of the plan of pulling Ruan into the Academy.
  • Recordings of Evans as a young competitive gymnast training on Londinium. Though he is only 9 years old in these, he is very focused and skilled.
  • There are assorted test scores and interpretation as to why Evans Halliwell is a suitable candidate.

2) There is a series of excerpted recorded interviews with Ruan (similar to the River Tam Sessions). They are numbered but not dated.

  • In the earliest one Ruan is 10 years old. He is sitting in a sunny windowed room. He has a bright inquisitive expression, a head of dark bushy hair, and a likable easy smile. An off camera interviewer asks questions about his family, school, and gymnastics. Ruan answers these earnestly, at the end expressing a desire to go somewhere where he can learn more and be better if it were offered even though he will miss his family.
  • The next capture shows Ruan in a darker windowless room. He is wearing what looks like grey hospital scrubs, his hair has been shorn, and he looks tired. The inquisitive expression is gone; he sounds sad and confused.
  • The next several excepts are similar with Ruan looking and acting increasingly incoherent (as well as taller and older). He often speaks with difficulty as though he has to search for each word. Despite the effort, often the words don’t make any real sense.
  • The interviewer offers Ruan a series of seemingly random objects on a desk. Ruan picks each one up until he gets to a snow globe which he stops and stares at until he slumps forward and falls asleep.
  • The last shows Ruan looking much different. He seems calm and composed. Locke is sitting next to him. Ruan still speaks very slowly and with difficulty, but Locke fills in the voids. Together they answer the interviewer’s questions.

3) There are several captures of Ruan training throughout his Academy career. Even very young he is fast and determined in a way that recalls the prior gymnastics captures. He is also deadly. It is obvious that in at least one that he kills his training partner at the end of the exercise.

4) There is one very difficult to watch capture of Ruan being programmed. He is strapped to a chair screaming and struggling while a group of indifferent technicians work as though they’ve seen this before.

5) The complete mission record of Ag59955429/Locke. This is chronological and complete. The beginning of Ruan's career shows that he and Locke worked mainly as spies and assassins in the service of the Alliance during the Unification War. After the war there appeared to be some clean up work and then there is a distinct shift in their work towards corporate espionage and the keeping of government secrets.

6) There is a document entitled “AG59955429 Unique and Universal Safety Commands”. This contains several phrases in Latin as well as in other languages. Some of them appear to say what they do and others are more cryptic.

7) A transcript entitled “Agent-Y” reads like a deposition. It is an interview with Locke about an incident on Osiris in which an Agent was lost and recovered.

8) There is a record of the Britannia's movements as well as 3 other ships starting on Persephone. It appears that Locke started by tracking 4 ships and slowly whittled it down to just the Britannia.

9) There are short dossiers for each of the Brittainia's crew collected by Locke and focusing on their strengths as a threat. He has included a "Ruan Weir" dossier that collects the data of his false identity and exposes some of the holes in his story.