Agent 59955429 (Ruan Weir)


What you actually need to know:

Ruan Weir is the Britannia's medic. He was trained at Ariel's prestigious Allied Health Professions Academy (a branch of the fabled Ariel Medical Academy). He worked for a year on the planet Gonghe as a paramedic before seeking work on the Britannia.

He is the youngest member of the crew and the last in the chain of command. He is very much in love with the life of a traveler and hopes to work on a rescue crew in space someday.

What he keeps from the crew is that "Ruan Weir" is a false identity and he is currently a fugitive on the run from a mysterious Alliance operative named Locke. Though Ruan's memories of his life before Ariel are hazy, he knows that he was a graduate of the Academy and afterwards worked for the Alliance government.

Ruan aboard the Britannia

Agility: d12+2
Strength d8
Vitality d8
Alertness d10
Intelligence d8
Willpower d8

Athletics d6
- Gymnastics
Covert d6
- Stealth d8
- Mental Resistance d8
Knowledge d6
Medical Expertise d6
- Paramedic d10
Perception d6
Guns d6
- Pistol d12 *
Unarmed Combat d6
- Brawling d10 *
Melee Weapon Combat d6 *
- Found Objects d10 *
Vacuum Suit d2

Talented- Gymnastics (m)
Reader (M)
False ID (m)
Steady Calm (M)
Fighting type (m)
Saw Bones (m)
Sweet and Cheerful (m)

Over Confident (m)
Programmed (M)
Locked Skill Set (M)
Deadly enemy - Alliance (M)
Cortex Spectre (m)
Dark Secret (m)
Amnesia (m)

Ruan's Contacts

Edwin Whedon is an instructor at the Ariel Allied Health Academy. A former paramedic/firefighter, he took care of Ruan, helping with his training. After graduation, he helped Ruan get a job on Gonghe. White male, early 50's, mostly bald. He has several old burn scars on his neck and hands.

Go Dao is a tong enforcer on Gonghe. When Ruan was a new paramedic, he responded to a gang shooting where Dao had been shot. Dao would have died if Ruan had not stabilized him for treatment. Dao was bound by law afterwards, but he still appreciates that Ruan did his job and saved him. Asian male, late 20's. Long ponytail braid, tong tattoos.

Magda Niska is the wife of the infamous crime boss Adelai Niska. She has a soft spot for Ruan and got him some help from her husband. But Ruan still owes the Niskas a favor…

Some other stuff

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