Captain Zap Rosdower

Captain Zap Rasdower is a former Blackjack pilot.

Character image: "Actor" (I use that term generously) Bruce Mitchell from "The Final Sacrifice", made famous on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Jieh Moon
Jieh owns a freelance cargo and shipping brokerage service on Beaumonde. She has good contacts with the shipping companies in the Kalidasa system. Asian, late 30’s, always wears business dress.

Jordan Foster
Jordan has been the Portmaster at the Tien-lung Skyplex above Persephone for years. Jordan is the real boss of Tien-lung, nothing happens here without his okay and if he says something didn’t happen, you saw nothing… White male, tall and barrel chested, red hair mostly gone grey, mid 60’s.

Aki Tsongo
Captain of the Silver Samurai, a Firefly class transport based out of Boros. When you first went into business as a freighter captain, Aki was there with some good advice to get you started. Japanese male, mid 50’s. Black hair pulled back in coiled ponytail.