Robe of Stars

This dark blue robe is embroidered with small silver stars. Six stars, located on the robe's upper front portion, are particularly large. While wearing this robe, you can use an action to pull off one of the stars and use it to cast Magic Missile. Daily at dusk, one of the removed stars reappears on the robe.
While you wear the robe, once per day you can use an action to enter the Astral Plane along with everything you are wearing and carrying. You remain there until you use an action to return to the plane you were on. You reappear in the last space you occupied, or if that space is occupied, the nearest unoccupied space. You can remain in the Astral Plane as long as desired.
Alternatively, you can travel the Astral Plane and try to find a portal back to the Material Plane and attempt to return to a specific area you are familiar with. This cancels or resets the "return to original location" function of the robe.

(GM's note- This is different from the official version in the 5E DMG)