"Rime of the Frost Maiden"

Lee's 4th D&D 5E campaign, growing out of Waterdeep Adventures

Players and Characters
Brittany- Half-Elf Draconic Bloodline Sorceror Caeli Vulpus
Callum- Human Beastmaster Ranger Tannhaus
Chmiel- Black Dragonborn Samurai Tetsuo
Emily- Satyr Eloquence Bard Dafni Dawnbright Superstar
Jim- Half-Elf War Cleric Virion Aldavathar
Kevin- Firbolg Moon Druid Varis Sparkfall
Mike- Drow Bladesinger Wizard Hadrian "The Black"

As always, a Brief History of Faerun
Sword Coast Map

House Rules
Combat Rules Modifications

Travel to the Icewind Dale
The Dragon Cave

Playing on Zoom: