"Rime of the Frost Maiden"

Lee's 4th D&D 5E campaign, growing out of Waterdeep Adventures

Players and Characters
Brittany- Half-Elf Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer Caeli Vulpus
Callum- Human Beastmaster Ranger Tannhaus
Chmiel- Black Dragonborn Samurai Tetsuo
Emily- Satyr Eloquence Bard Dafni Dawnbright Superstar
Kevin- Firbolg Moon Druid Varis Sparkfall
Mike- Drow Bladesinger Wizard Hadrian "The Black"

Jim- Half-Elf War Cleric Virion Aldavathar

As always, a Brief History of Faerun
Sword Coast Map

House Rules
Combat Rules Modifications

Travel to the Icewind Dale
The Dragon Cave
Bryn Shander Meetings
The Lost Spire of Netheril

Playing on Zoom: