Right Place

(GM's note- Based on the adventure Right Place… by William Olmesdahl from Classic Adventures)

After returning to Oracle Base, the team trains and prepares for their next mission. Varek is outside, practicing flying his jet pack when he spots a modified Crinya light freighter approaching to land in the hangar. He tries to fly over and land on it to ride the ship inside, but misjudges the turbulence and is swept off to one side and manages to recover before crashing. The ship lands inside the hangar and Varek flies in next to, then heads off to refuel his jet pack. After dinner, C'athall, Varek, Zaonderh and Leelan are called into a meeting with Commander Gion. She explains that they have just captured the notorious Devaronian smuggler Vohrkrewel, who is wanted by both the Empire and the Rebels for double crossing both sides. Zaonderh is familiar with his career, and by chance, he resembles the smuggler. Vohrkrewel is trying to buy his freedom and has given up his next job. He is supposed to go to the planet Cellanon and make contact about a job smuggling weapons. Gion explains that instead, Zaonderh will dress up as Vohrkrewel and the team will fly his ship, get the pick up information and go to the drop point and load the weapons and steal them for the Rebellion.
The team draws disguises and weapon and decides to make up new IDs, Zaonderh and Hack labor to produce them. They board Vohrkrwel's ship and fly to Celanon and head for an infamous spaceport bar, Gularg's Libation Emporium run by a Hutt. Lelan spots Mirialan grafitti in the port and goes off in a rented speeder to find them.When they arrive, a bar brawl is in full swing and they dodge past the melee to get a table. Eventually, Vohrkrewel's contact arrives and gives them a datapad with the information and a credit chip with the 1,000 credit upfront fee.
Leelan's speeder breaks down in the outback, but he repairs it and finds a Mirialan group working as migrant farm hands. They are not interested in joining the Rebellion, but Leelan leaves them some contact information and most of his cash.
Back in town, the rest of the team is attacked by stormtroopers who have been tipped off that "Vohrkrewel" is here. They fight off the Imperials and escape to the port. Leelan rushes back to town. When they arrive at the docking bay, the ship is surrounded by stormtroopers. Varek flies to the top of the ship with his jet pack, distracting the troops. Zaonderh charges up behind one and cuts his head off with a vibroblade. C'athall opens fire from the doorway and Leelan climbs the outside wall of the berth to fire down with his sniper rifle. The stormtroopers return fire and knock out Leelan. Varek gets inside and heads forward to warm up the ship and the guns. Along the way, he runs into Hack emerging from a lifeboat, he stowed away in case he was needed (GM's note: Lee missed the first session, so I came up with this a a way to add him to the game mid-session).
Hack drops to the ground through a hatch and lands behind the stormtroopers facing Zaonderh. One of them shoots Zaonderh and knocks him out, the other wounds C'athall. Hack shoots them from behind, dropping both and Varek vaporizes the last with the bow laser cannon. Hack helps C'athall bring Zaonderh aboard, Varek emerges from the ship, flies over to grab Leelan, then carries him down a ladder into the landing bay and into the ship. Hack treats the wounded while Varek takes off and gets them to safe jump distance. Unfortunately, his plot was bad and a few hours later, the ship comes out of hyperspace too close to a star. When the alarm sounds, Leelan and Varek race for the bridge. Leelan arrives first and drops into the pilot's seat, turning the ship away from danger. Varek takes the co-pilot's spot and plots a course, but Leelan reviews and corrects it and they jump to the Isen sytem where they are to meet the smugglers.
In the Isen system, rendesvouz with a larger freighter with no transponder that replies to their coded message. The two ships dock, cargo locks together. The crew on the other ship greet Zaonderh as Vohrkrewel and begin loading the cargo while Leelan makes sure its secured and C'athall keeps watch. The other ship's crew makes some small talk and the loading goes well. Hack mans their quad turret just in case. The cargo is almost completely loaded when the captain of the freighter comes to check. He is a Gotal, takes one look at Zaonderh and realizes he's a fake and questions him. The two crews go for guns, Zaonderh is shot and goes down, C'athall shoots each of the the three smugglers once, droppin one and wounding the captain and the other deck hand. Varek hits the cargo bay override and the hatch slams shut. Hack opens fire and hits the other ship's gun. Varek wrenches their ship away, decompressing the freighter's cargo bay and spitting the wounded out into space. As they pull away, Leelan mans the aft concussion missile launcher and hits the smuggler's ship. VArek flies away and jumps them into hyperspace and safety.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
After spending points to bring up skills and stats, C'athall now has 4D in Perception
Mike "Now I know how Lee feels"

The team is getting clothing to go undercover as smugglers, etc. Mike wants C'athall to have miniature canaries in cages hanging from his pierced nipples
Emily "Nothing says "pirate" like live birds hanging from your nipples"
Jim "And a bandana"
Emily "Like Axl Rose"
Mike "So you can cover the bald spot"

Emily was running the random daily mix on Spotify and we got some odd songs as background music. At one point a particularly late 70's sounding song came on
Mike "Disco receiving new guns theme"

One of C'athall's nipple piercing caged birds had Tourette's
Emily, squeaky voice "Fuck, fuckin', fuck, fuck you"
Jim "I think its the little edge of Jewish accent you add that makes it perfect"
Emily "I just think of my mom"