The crew of the Shriek-Hawk has been tasked with delivering weapons and equipment to a workers' revolt on the planet Cirra. Some workers have escaped the slave like conditions and formed the nucleus of a guerrilla army. The team will deliver weapons to them, help capture a mining camp to free more workers and stay on planet to serve as military advisors. If the mission goes well enough, hopefully local forces will be able to seize the port and an X-Wing squadron will be sent to help. Looking at the intelligence on the planet, orbital patrols are carried out by TIE fighter flights backed by Guardian class patrol ships. The team request that one of the Y-wing squadrons makes a decoy attack to draw away fighters. Varek and Leelan plat a jump based on when the fighters will arrive and where the patrols will be when they arrive so they can try to slide past. The team and the fighter squadron coordinates their arrivals and the Shriek-Hawk heads for the gap. But Aurin detects two more ships taking off, they are smaller than the freighter but have very high energy signatures. Its a pair of Skipray class blastboats. Hack attempts to fool them with a forged transit order, but the blastboats scan them and detect weapons and head in for the attack. Aurin fires a proton torpedo and destroys the first one, but the other one twists and turns into a dogfight. The two ships snipe at each other and finally Varek disables it the ion cannons.
The team heads to the planet surface and lands at the meeting point in the planet's outback. Representatives from the guerrillas meet them and give them the lay out of the mining camp. The camp guard force is backed up by security droids. Guard towers with E-Webs cover the workers' barracks, gun towers cover the gap and air defense blasters protect the landing pads. The workers wear electroshock slave collars, so the team will need to capture the camp's security office and shut down the collars remotely first. Varek will fly over the perimeter fence, carrying Hack and land on the top of the admin building. Hack will slice into the communication tower on top of the building. Leelan will drive the team's repulsorlift truck to a wooded knoll nearby to provide sniper fire and stand by with weapons for the released slaves. C'athal, Zaonderh and Aurin will accompany the main force.
The team with the guerrillas moves into place. Varek carries Hack to the top of the admin building. Hack rips open the communication module, slices in and turns off the gun towers and the slave collars. Leelan snipes at the guards in one gun tower with help from Aurin while C'athal blows up the other gun tower with a missile launcher. Guards and battle droids shoot at Varek on the roof and the team returns fire. Zaonderh blows the head off a battle droid with a great shot. The slave compound fence is blown open and Leelan drives up to hand out weapons. The slaves and guerrillas swarm the camp buildings and overcome the guards and droids and take the camp personnel prisoner.
Once the camp is secure, Hack searches the computer systems, Varek inspects the armory and Leelan raids the motor pool. C'athal calls them together, the guerills who captured the camp warden says he called for help from the nearby garrison. The guerillasneed more time to strip the camp of suppleis and evacuate everyone. The team loads up some missile launchers and a couple platoons of troops and heads of to ambush the Imperials. Not far from the camp is a ridge with a road cut through it to make passage easier for ground trucks and landspeeders. It will make an excellent choke point for the ambush. C'athall buries a thermal detonator with a remote trigger in the road. Varek, Hack and Leelan head to one side of the road cut with some guerillas and C'athall leads Aurin and Zaonderh up the other side. When C'athal starts the ambush with the thermal detonator, Varek and Hack will open fire with the missile launcher while Leelan snipes with his rifle.
A troop convoy of two speeder trucks, an armed land speeder and a Chariot command speeder come through the road cut. C'athal triggers the thermal detonator, immobilizing the lead speeder. The crew bails out and the team opens fire. Varek and Hack fire missiles into the trrop troops, one is destroyed and troops bail out ofvthe second. The Chariot rises on its repulsors and rakes team and hits Leelan, blowing off his left foot. They fire their last missile and obliterate the Chariot. Hack stabilizes Leelan and moves him out of the line of fire. The team and the guerillas fire on the surviving troops who throw down their arms and surrender. The rebels strip the enemy of arms and equipment and fall back to help the workers at the camp escape to the guerillas’ hidden cave complex.
With their mission over, the team returns to their ship and settles the wounded Leelan in his bunk. Aurin takes the sensors and scans tge orbital patrol for an opening. She plots their bedt course and Varek flies the ship up through the patrols, but a pair of TIE fighters close in on them. They exchange fire with the TIEs, damaging one’s engines and disabling the other’s weapons. Varek plots a course and the ship jumps into hyperspace. Everything seems secure, but a few hours into jump, the ship suddenly drops out of hyperspace on the fringes of a planetary system. They plow through an asteroid cluster and collide with debris. The crew is slammed around and the ship is crippled…

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The mining colony is on the planet Cirra
MC "Cirra? Like Sierra? Sounds like a stripper name"
Mike "Cirra, the stripper planet"

The players are still complaining about needing filter masks or respirators to go outside on the new base planet
Lee "Bang Bus 22: Two Girls, One Respirator"

Planning the start of the workers' revolt
Kevin "I thought we were going to be pamphleting"
Jim "It's not a leaflet campaign"

Making bad astrogation rolls
Mike "We got lost at the last star"
Jim "Should have turned left at Aldebaran"

Last minute ideas for running the patrols
Lee "Let's strip the shielding from our reactor core and strap some bodies to our ship and they'll think we're reavers"

Arming the freed slave workers
Emily "Can I pass out guns to the slaves and say 'I'm Leelan, do you want some guns?' "
Jim "History repeats itself"
Emily "With a character with a strangely similar name"

Leelan is sniping at a security droid
Lee "Shoot him in the head"
Emily "Can't I shoot him in the actuator so he can't move?"
Lee "Shoot him in the head actuator"

Freeing the workers
Lee "Any 18 year old slave girls who need help, I'm all over that." (Thinks about how that sounded) "Not in a rapey way"

Searching the compound
Lee "Oh, Jim, I did try to rape the computer system"
Emily rolls poorly for Leelan's Perception
Jim "Leelan's looking for the motor pool"
Emily "He found a pool…"

The team hits a troop transport and the soldiers inside bail out
Lee "They're now the Foot Clan"

The local rebels carry supplies from the prison camp and the rescued workers back to the caves they hide out in
Emily "This is so Afghani…"

After the ship accident, there's a discussion of cannibalism, but Jim points out some species may not be edible by other races
Jim "Mirialans are radioactive, extra zesty"
Lee "Hot wings"
Emily "The radioactivity tingles on your tongue"