Return to Hoth

Pilot- Michael
Engineer- Kimi
Medic- Matt
Soldier- Raleigh

A team of rebels are sent to the abandoned base on Hoth to try to salvage equipment left behind in the forced evacuation. The teams encounter boobytraps left behind by the Empire, including a probe droid. They load up some equipment and flee. As they leave orbit, a Carrack class Imperial cruiser appears and launches a flight of four TIE fighters. They manage to destroy two and damage a third before escaping into hyperspace.
But the journey is not easy, the next day one of the crew is found murdered with a slit throat. They begin investigating and discover one of the R2 units they salvaged is an assassin droid! They corner it in engineering and damage it, causing it to self-destruct and blow a hole in the ship. The player characters help each other to safety before they die in the blowout.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kimi is looking for a R2 unit:
Kimi "Can I find one and make it our…"
Jim "Bitch?"

Matt "My character is Medical Officer Rogers"
Kimi "Medically adequate?"
Raleigh "Medically competent?"
Matt "Medical adjunct?"

Matt "No problem, Captain Tightpants"
Michael "They're from The Gap; they just happen to fit well"

Kimi "If that little R2 unit is running around killing people, I would still have to keep it"

Kimi puts on her sunglasses "Looks like this unit's," takes sunglasses off. "R2D-stroyed…"

The party is getting ready to storm Main Engineering in pursuit of the assassin droid, Matt is miming holding a pistol with his finger stuck out:
Jim "Looks like Matt and Raleigh are leading the way since Matt has his finger out"