Rescue On Ita

(Inspired by the Classic Traveller adventure Rescue on Ruie)

Home for the Holidays

After meeting with Baron Von Alksburg on Londinium (Dante Reconnaisance), the crew of the Yellow Submarine decides to take a month holiday. Howard and Saxon take commercial transport to Ariel to visit their families. Jackson takes the ship's shuttle, Lovely Rita, to visit his family on Londinium. Capt'n Sata, Lennon, Wilks and Lang take the ship to the Kalidasa system. Once there, they drop Lennon off on Zephyr to visit Liz Hammerstein. The ship continues on to the Kalavela Skyplex above Beaumonde. Wilks takes a transport to Hera, leaving the captain and Lang on the ship. Jackson's home visit does not go well. Burdened by his knowledge of things the Alliance denies, he has trouble relating to his parents, especially his mother who is a career officer. Busy with plans for upgrading the ship's defenses in case they travel to Miranda, he decides to leave early. He does manage to get the last major upgrade done on the shuttle, a layer of programmable paint so the shuttle's paint scheme can be changed on the fly. Jackson uses his Oberlindes Line travel voucher to catch a flight to Beaumonde, and ships the shuttle as cargo.
Wilks visits his family and spends some time with them and transfers them some money to help them get by.
Lennon's visit to Liz is initially strained by the knowledge of his affair with Fiolla (Lennon's Side Trip), but he is honest with his regrets and his devotion to Liz. She doesn't cut him any slack, but he manages to prove himself to her. Before he leaves, she has a new Browncoat made for him to replace the one he lost on New Canaan.
Sata visits his family and discusses the events on Dante and how they relate to the Miranda Broadwave and the death of his cousin, Dr. Caron. Sata is still very convinced they need to go to Miranda, so he decides to stress test the ship. And have a little fun. With Lang as his mechanic, Sata hard burns to St Albans in the Red Sun system. Lang spends the trip installing additional security software in the ship's computer and communication systems.

We're Going For a Ride

Jackson arrives on Beaumonde, but the ship is gone. He waves Sata and is very upset that Sata is going off on a stress test of the ship without him. Left behind alone, Jackson lives on Korean take out and parties it up while he waits for the ship to return.
The Yellow Submarine drops off cargo, and Sata buys a new "secret pig" piggy bank and labels it "bail money". Sata heads to the Himinbjorg gas giant for some serious flying in the storms. Partway through, the starboard engine flames out, but Sata regains control and Lang is able to restart the engine. Deciding that the ship is doing well, Sata flies to New Melbourne and gets in contact with Becky Barnes, a former Blackjack he served with in the war. She takes care of getting the ship in for its monthly maintenance, then Sata takes her out to dinner and doesn't come home until late the next morning…
Sata gets a cargo back to Beaumonde and flies back, Howard and Wilks have shown up and are waiting for them. Jackson is upset that another engineer has been working on his ship, his still also broke during the wild maneuvers and needs to be repaired. All of his tools are rearranged in the drive room and his stuff is moved to make room. They fly across system and pick up Lennon on Zephyr. Saxon will rejoin them later.

Onward to…?

Sata wants to head to Miranda, but the crew dissents. They had discussed asking for help from Admiral Sharpe, so Lennon sends the admiral a message. Jackson discusses additional defenses he wants to install on the ship, and they go to Angel to look for parts. They are contacted by Sharpe's chief of staff, Saul Potter, who asks them to come to a deep space rendezvous near Kalidasa. The crew picks up some supplies for Jackson's projects and leaves Angel for the meeting.
The ship arrives at the specified coordinates and receives an update from the Glory. When Sata flies the ship there, they find the Glory, the repair ship Moradin, the tanker Bounteous Mother, two blockade runners Anne Bonney and Elizabeth Swan and an unnamed Firefly class transport. This is almost Sharpe's entire fleet, the crew has never seen them in one place before. Sata, Lennon and Wilks are asked to come aboard. They head to their shuttle, but discover it has a new, matte black paint job. Sata calls Jackson over and he explains that the shuttle has been given a coat of programmable paint, so it can change its appearance. He shows Sata and Lennon how the system works, then takes a seat, planning to ride over with them. Jackson is trying to hook up with Lt. Qin, one of the Glory's engineers but Sata sends him back aboard. As they cross over, the Glory launches her two Eagle shuttles to patrol the area. Lennon flies Lovely Rita over and docks in the Glory's hangar where they are met by ship's Bosun, McBride, and a two man escort. McBride welcomes them warmly but apologizes that he needs them to surrender their weapons before they go into the conference. When they question this, the bosun explains the admiral had to ask everyone to disarm to be fair and gives them a significant look. Sata and Lennon realize that their enemies (Bloodcoats), the survivors of the 15th Nightstalkers must be present. Wilks and Lennon surrender their weapons and Sata hands over his submachinegun and the powercell from his laser pistol, but holds onto the weapon itself. McBride accepts that and escorts them to the meeting.

Confrontations and Conference of War

The conference room is filled with the captains of Sharpe's ships and a few extra officers like the commander of the Glory's marines and Saul Potter. Everyone is introduced and seated, there are two chairs left. Sharpe sends McBride out and he returns with Bartholomew Hanson, the leader of the Nightstalkers and Anders Chang, his demolitions expert and second. Hanson launches into a vicious indictment of Sata and his crew, claiming they are traitors and Fed sympathizers, having killed one of his men and foiled one of their missions. Sharpe orders them to be quiet and asks Sata for his explanation of how they discovered Hanson was planning a nuclear terrorist attack on the Londinium Skyplex and stopped them and that Hanson's men later tried to assassinate Sata. Lennon provides the Independent issue bullet he recovered when Sata was shot. Sharpe explains that he knows and trusts Sata's crew, because only five people in the room know that the crew of the Yellow Submarine were instrumental in saving the Glory from her scrapyard doom (Glory's Flight) and that Dr. Lennon provided the medical treatment to help Sharpe recover his health. He knows and trusts them, so he knows they are telling the truth. He will not have anyone capable of such atrocities under his command. During time of war, Hanson and his men would have been courtmartialled and executed. Sharpe can't turn them over to the Alliance without risking exposure, and since the Alliance already considers him a war criminal and a pirate, he will deal with Hanson and his men anyway. McBride returns with troops who arrest Hanson and Chang and take them to the brig. Sharpe tells them they will be courtmartialled and executed for their attempted crimes.
With that issue behind them, Sharpe turns the briefing over to Potter. Potter explains that since recovering the Glory, they have been carrying out a campaign against pirates and slavers in the Red Sun system. They have obtained information about a slave transfer camp located on the moon Ita in Kalidasa. They plan to attack and free the slaves with the Yellow Submarine's assistance. The slavers own an Osprey freighter and are expecting it shortly. The blockade runner Elizabeth Swan will ambush the slavers' Osprey so they can take its place. The Yellow Submarine will be fitted with weapons and sent in as a Trojan Horse. Before the attack, Wilks will be dropped off with a scout team of Sharpe's troops to scout the defenses. After the Yellow Submarine and the scouts neutralize the defenses, the Glory's dropships will deploy troops and the Firefly will land to take on the rescuees. They are going to abandon the Firefly afterwards to minimize exposure of Sharpe's vessels to the rescued slaves. Lennon will land with the Yellow Submarine, then transfer to the Firefly to help with the wounded.
With matters settled, Sata, Wilks and Lennon return to the ship to brief their crew. The ship docks with the Moradin to have a weapon pack installed in their bomb bay cargo hatch, its a plug in unit designed for Ospreys during the war with a turretted cannon and a missile launcher. Jackson finally gets some quality time with Lt. Qin…

On to Ita

The Yellow Submarine flies to Ita and Jackson pilots the shuttle down and drops off Wilks and his team, then returns to the ship. The scouts move in and watch the camp while Sata waits for word that the Elizabeth Swan has captured the enemy Osprey. With the command given, Sata flies down to the camp's landing pad. As they come in, Howard takes out the camp's air defense cannon, then puts a missile and some cannon rounds into their motor pool building, destroying their generator. Wilks and the scouts open fire, taking out the machine gun nests guarding the slave barracks. The Yellow Submarine lands with her cargo ramp facing the camp, Jackson is manning the autocannon mounted there as a doorgun and starts shooting at the guard barracks to keep their heads down.
The Glory's dropships land on the pad near the the slave barracks and send troops in to bring them out. The Firefly lands on the pad and prepares to take on her passengers. Lennon drives Julia into the Firefly's bay so his equipment is nearby, then rushes forward to take over one of the squads and leads them to the nearest slave barracks. They break in and start moving people out.
The night is filled with chaos and gunfire. The camp guards are starting to fight back, Jackson's unskilled fire from the cannon isn't keeping them down. Wilks' scouts and the dropship's troops engage them and start taking casualties, but the attackers' superior troops are driving them back. While moving slaves out, one of them tells Lennon that the young women are being held in a separate building on the other side of camp. Lennon lets Sata know, and the captain and Lang head over there with covering fire from Wilks and the scouts. They encounter some local guards, but Sata shoots their way through. They break into the women's building, but getting a bunch of scared young women moving through a firefight at night is quite a leadership challenge. Sata and Lang and their scouts move them back to the landing pad and the attackers begin to fall back with the last of the rescued slaves. Lennon is on the Firefly, treating the wounded troops and a few slaves who caught stray rounds. The last slaves are taken on the Firefly and she closes up and takes off. The troops and scouts fall back to their dropships for departure, Wilks returns to the Yellow Submarine. Sata decides to raid the camp's administration building, he leads Wilks and Lang there for a quick search. They snag a computer unit and head back for the ship. Unfortunately, a camp guard survivor spots them and rakes them with his assault rifle. Wilks drops him with his railgun, but each of them is hit bad and Sata is unconscious. Jackson rushes forward from the ship and snags Sata, Wilks and Lang help each other stagger back. Lennon desperately wants to help, but is in the middle of surgery and the Firefly is climbing into orbit. One of the Glory's dropships breaks into their com channel; they are turning around to pick up the Yellow Submarine's wounded. The dropship Helga lands in the middle of the camp and her troops grab Sata, Wilks and Lang for transport to the Glory's sickbay. Jackson returns to the Yellow Submarine and Howard takes off, leaving the blasted camp behind. As the ship climbs to orbit, Howard turns to Jackson and asks if there's any modifications they want to do to ship while everyone's away. Jackson decides to get revenge on the captain and goes to Sata's quarters and dumps his stuff out and messes up his room.


With his patients stabilized, Lennon needs to get off the Firefly. Admiral Sharpe sends a shuttle to retrieve Lennon, Julia and Sharpe's men; one of the freed slaves is a pilot, the ship is being turned over to them so none of Sharpe's people will be aboard when the authorities arrive. The shuttle returns to the Glory. The fleet moves off to a safe area and the Yellow Submarine docks with the Moradin again to have the weapon pack removed and minor hull damage repaired. Jackson gets some more time with Lt. Qin. Everyone is returned to the Yellow Submarine and Admiral Sharpe thanks them for their efforts and pays them 3,000 credits. With Sata still recovering from his wounds, Lennon is in command.