Rescue On Greenleaf

(Gamemaster's note: The second half is based on the adventure "Rescue on Adanis 3" from I.C.E. for the Spacemaster RPG)

Players and Characters
Ryan: Chris Hammond, Doctor
Matt: Roy Nelson, Copilot/Mechanic
Konrad: Jett Winters, Medtech
Emily: Ru, a mystery person
Kevin: Samuel L. Jenkins, Pilot
Raleigh: Naomi Hale, Medtech/Engineering
Mike: Duncan Bidwell, Security Officer
Ryan, Matt and Mike couldn't make it, I NPC'd their characters.

08/22/2520 Alliance Standard Dating
On New Melbourne
The Apollo and her crew are on New Melbourne getting regular maintenance at the Barnes and Son Ship Services docks in the city of Cheyenne. The crew is partly on leave, or doing light duty (security, inventory, etc). Samuel, Jett and Naomi are on their way back to the ship after an evening of pub crawling when Samuel spots a bloody body in an alley. It's a young man, about 20, who has been shot twice. Jett stabilizes him and they take him back to the Apollo. Their team mate, Duncan is on duty as the door guard, and pages Dr. Samantha Singh, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, to meet them. Dr. Singh orders Jett to scrub for surgery and they go to operate on their patient. On the initial examination, Dr. Singh smells gunpowder residue on the patient's hand and notices several healed surgery points. They remove the bullets which turn out to be from two different guns. After they close him up, Dr. Singh decides to do a full body scan. She finds a large number of well healed deep cranial surgeries which disturb her, then a foreign electronic device attached to the patient's left femoral artery in his thigh. Dr. Singh goes back in and removes the device, which she instructs Jett to have Naomi examine.

The next morning, the mystery patient wakes up in the Apollo's post op room. He has no memory of where he is, a pager and some clothes are left for him with a note, the pager summons Jett, who is on duty. Jett takes him to Dr. Singh, who interviews him. The patient has no memory of where he's from or how he got there, although Dr. Singh thinks he has a Londinium accent. Dr. Singh offers to let him stay with the ship for treatment and until they figure out who he is. Later she confides to Jett that she had his fingerprints checked with no luck and is waiting on DNA. She is very disturbed by what was done to him and wants to keep him close, since the alternative would be to turn him over to the Alliance.
Naomi examines the device and finds it is a cortex linked locator beacon and has a remote trigger to inject an ampule of a chemical which turns out to be an unidentified synthetic hemotoxin. She disables the device, but starts to make plans to replicate it so if someone sends a signal, she may be able to triangulate the source.

The days pass quietly, their guest remembers somethings by chance (such as liking tea, but not coffee), but not much else. Then, everyone's pagers go off with an emergency recall. Everyone reports to the ship's cafeteria for a briefing by Captain Harris and Dr. Singh. There has been a major earthquake and tsunamis on Greenleaf, and the Alliance is sending disaster relief teams. The Apollo is responding as well. Dr. Singh gives an impassioned speech about this is one of the reason the Sata Fund was conceived and why they are here. The Apollo is lifting off immediately, Samuel and Roy will fly their shuttle to orbit and dock with the Apollo before they proceed at hard burn to Greenleaf.

A World in Need
When the Apollo arrives at Greenleaf, Dr. Singh briefs the medical Teams. Teams Two and Four are staying with the ship, which is landing in a large coastal town wrecked by the tsunami. Teams One and Three are taking shuttles to smaller villages, Team Three is going to the village of Enhill. Since Jett is responsible for keeping an eye on their guest, he is made a "trainee" and assigned to Team Three. Team Three lands at Enhill and sets up, Dr. Hammond and Naomi begin treating people, Samuel, Duncan, Jett and their trainee join the search teams going through buildings looking for survivors. Roy helps set up housing and water distilling equipment. Jett starts calling his partner "Yu" as a play on "Hey you!". And Yu immediately demonstrates an amazing gift for finding people. He even finds a wounded survivor in a building the Alliance teams had marked as "Cleared". Jett rips a strip off some of the Alliance troops in his best former NCO's voice.
The team spends over a week in Enhill, helping with the efforts. Then they are contacted by Captain Harris for a new mission. Alliance Disaster Relief just received a distress signal from an offshore ocean farm facility. The team is to head there and investigate. When they arrive, they find the offshore lab is tilted and partly wrecked by the tsunami. The landing deck is tilted and the communications tower toppled. They decide not to stress the structure with the shuttle and rappel down. Jett goes first and hits much harder than planned and sprains an ankle (Konrad botched).
They begin searching, dealing with partial power and flooded areas. They make contact with a group of 34 survivors and call in Alliance support to evacuate. The worst couple are winched up the the shuttle for Dr. Hammond to work on. Then Samuel, Jett, and Yu begin working their way down the structure while Naomi works to get systems on line. Alliance ALST's arrive to help evacuate the station personnel. They find more survivors in the medical lab thanks to Yu's intuition and work with Naomi to clear flooded passages to get people out. Jett and Yu make one last sweep and then evacuate with the last of the survivors.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
I was tired at the beginning, and I know I missed some comments unfortunately

Emily's character is given a comlink/pager and a keycard ID/door pass:
Emily "Multipassss"

Konrad's character is chewing out some Alliance grunts:
Emily "Do you have skill in yelling?"

Konrad "Am I getting old? Am I boring? I should buy a sports car."
Raleigh "The Spacalade is so last decade"

Raleigh "Battlestations!…<thoughtful pause> Medical Stations, Medical Stations!"

Jim "Crew Complement <of the station> is 56"
Raleigh "We're going to need a bigger boat"

Raleigh "Theory and Practice are always the same, in theory"

Raleigh "My guess, and this is just a guess, but it's my guess, so it's probably pretty good,"