Rescue from the Drow

In the last adventure, half the party was captured. Wittr, Desdamona and Roskva escaped while Dastan, Clare and Wylie were captured. The survivors flee the drow temple, get their horses and return to Lorothim. In the morning, they meet three adventurers; a dwarf fighter cleric Ragnar (Matt), a half orc barbarian Duma (Kimi) and an elven ranger Eloise (MC). The survivors hire the new adventurers to help them rescue their captured comrades.
The party returns to the drow cave and they spot something shiny on the hillside above. Roskva goes to investigate and is ambushed by three drow. They fire hand crossbows at her and one poisoned bolt penetrates her Armor spell and she passes out. The rest of the party charges to attack or lays down arrows on the drow and they are quickly slain. Duma slaughters one with two blows from her great axe. Wittr revives Roskva and Desdamona sneaks into the cave, which seems quiet. The cave where they fought the spiders is empty, the passageway to the temple is also quiet. The rest of the party moves into the cave and trips a Glyph of Warding which releases an alarm scream. From the back of the cave, a drider attacks, dropping its Invisibility. The party fights the drider and a second drider comes from within the drow temple, attacking the party from both sides. One hits Eloise with an arrow that sprays her with acid, then a Web spell separates Duma and Eloise from the others, Wittr is partly trapped but forces his way out. The ranger and barbarian kill the first drider, and Duma rips off a leg and throws it like a spear at the other. The web is burned away and they regroup to slay the second drider. They move into the temple and are met by the two priests and another drow warrior. The human priest turns into a spider during the attack, Duma and Eloise are both poisoned and knocked out, Desdamona shoots the drow priestess with a poisoned dart and knocks her out as well. Ragnar finishes the spiderform priest and the warrior is slain as well.
They search and loot the temple and recover their captured comrades from cells near the temple. Ragnar destroys the altar with holy water and fire.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about meeting celebrities and paying for autographs at a recent convention, including the midget from Pirates of the Caribbean
Mike "He should have been half off…"

The survivors are negotiating with the "new" characters
Jim "I feel like this is like playing Munchkin; 'I will help you rescue your friends for two treasures' "

Discussing the new characters
Mike "We picked the handicapped table"
Chmiel "They did come in on the short carriage"

The reinforced party heads to the drow cave
Jim "What's your plan?"
Chmiel "We get a giant wooden badger…"
Jim "Thank you Kevin" Kevin is usually the first one to make the wooden rabbit/badger joke from Monty Python during a planning session

Matt casts Strength of Stone
Chmiel "You didn't have the stones before"

Matt casts Rockburst
Matt "Rocks fall, driders die, bitches"