Repel Assault

(A short one night fill in encounter)

The party is in Opal and is planning to head west to see what has happened with the Pargunese invasion of the Marches. The party goes to various sources and learns that in the 18 months since Jozan, Antonio and Cyrus escaped, that a Free Marches group has driven the invaders back. Supposedly, the royal family has been killed and a General dy Yarrin is leading the armies. More than a third of the Marches has been reclaimed. Jozan casts a Commune prayer and finds out some of their family is alive. They also consult the local temple of Torre and find out that they have been blessed with Torre's Favor. They stock up and head out on their journey home.

As they head West, news is fresher. The Free Marches forces have retaken half the country back, but the Pargunese have concentrated their forces with less territory to cover. The war has stabilized as the Pargunese are in control of several major fortresses and the liberating armies are bogged down. They arrive at the site of the old refugee camp in Pliuni and find a fort has been built to cover the border. It is being upgraded with stone walls and towers. The guards admit them and eventually they end up speaking to the base commander. He remembers them and agrees to provide travel passes to return across the border. He asks if they can help the camp's people while they wait for their documents. They heal and minister to the camp and townspeople.

The next night at 3am, the camp alarm sounds. They hear screaming and spells. They put their armor on and head out as a group. Outside they see a group of demon like creatures attacking the camp. The party rushes to the attack. They fight a group of black abishai devils, Lord Flop is nearly killed.