Relief Team

"A Pilot, a Mechanic and a Doctor walk into a bar…"
(This was a mini-adventure for Raleigh, Konrad and Emily since the rest of the players were unavailable)


After the events surrounding the rescue of Senator von Alksburg (No Time to Rest), the crew of the Yellow Submarine headed to Ariel to deliver their very late cargo. Saxon remained behind on Londinium, since he has very personal reasons for not visiting Ariel, and told them that he would catch up with them later. He transferred them some money to go towards planned upgrades for the ship. The crew delivered their cargo to Ariel and ended up losing more in late fees than they received in payment. Away from some of the spotlight surrounding the senator's rescue, the crew decided it was time to do some serious refit work on their Osprey. Jackson wanted to go with his proposed speed upgrade, but Captain Sata argued that fuel efficiency was more important at this point. They also discussed a replacement for the ship's onboard computer or an upgrade on the ship's sensor package. Sensors were chosen and Saxon's money was spent on the sensor upgrade while Jackson handled the engine modification with help from Sata, Wilks and Howard. Lennon spent the time shopping for advanced medical equipment, as Ariel is home to the best medical suppliers in the 'Verse. He also secretly went and took a flight test and got his Pilot's License. Howard got to spend some time visiting his homeworld.

Finx secured a cargo heading for Verbena in the Kalidasa system, but stayed behind on Ariel to investigate some business possibilities. The trip to Verbena was without incident, the new ship systems performed beautifully.

A Ship in Need

On arrival at Verbena, Lennon headed off to do a clinic for the agricultural workers and Sata noticed an Oberlindes Line transport, a Fei Long class named the Persephone Sunset, was in port. Since the party has worked with Marc Oberlindes, the company's owner, in the past, Captain Sata and Jackson went over to chat with the crew and discovered the ship was land locked by the port authority. They returned to the Yellow Submarine and Sata contacted Oberlindes. He was aware of the ship's problems and explained to Sata that the ship was short of crew and the port master was refusing to allow them departure clearance until he hired on enough temporary crew. Sata offered to help out with replacements and went back to the Persephone Sunset to speak to her captain, Glen Yanevich. Captain Yanevich was happy to see Sata as the Yellow Submarine and her crew are listed as friendly in the company's captains' only files. Yanevich explained that two of his crew, pilot and second engineer, were injured in a bar brawl and were still in the hospital. Since then, he has had a bizarre difficulty in hiring temporary spacehands. He believes the brawl and the lack of replacement crew are a plot, as the Persephone Sunset is loaded with 1,700 tons of perishable food and medicinal products bound for Osiris. The financial loss would be severe and everyone suspects that Oberlindes' rivals, Tukera Shipping, is behind it all. Sata offers to provide himself as a replacement pilot and Jackson as engineer. Captain Yanevich mentions he could use a third person to put them over the minimum, even if that person is just listed as a steward. After much debate, Sata and Jackson decide to ask Dr. Lennon to come along. While this leaves Wilks as third officer in charge of the ship, they feel that Howard will help keep things in line. Also, if the two injured crew members were disabled as part of a plot, having a medic along would be a good thing. And finally, the ship is hauling medicinal ingredients, so having a doctor to oversee the cargo's safety would make sense. (GM's note- this is obviously all plot justification to explain why these three characters went along, but I wrote the adventure knowing only they would be available) Lang finds a decent cargo bound for Osiris, and Sata, Jackson and Lennon pack their bags to ship out on the Persephone Sunset. Lennon packs any medical instruments that he fears Wilks might misuse as crafting tools and Jackson tags out anything in engineering he doesn't want the crew messing with.


Sata, Lennon and Jackson present their legal documents to the portmaster and sign on the Persephone Sunset. After a couple of last minute additions to the passenger list, the ship departs. The Yellow Submarine will follow a day later.
Onboard their new ship, the trio start getting settled in. Jackson gets interrogated by Sheng Nicastro, the chief engineer, but passes based on his time working under Dominica Santos of Persephone Lines. Sata and Yanevich discuss crew, passengers and possible problems. Lennon is appalled that the medical equipment in the ship's "infirmary" has never been needed or used. Indeed, most of it is still in the original packaging and the layout is totally inappropriate for actual use in an emergency. Lennon coerces Jackson into working late in the night to reconfigure the infirmary into something more usable while Lennon takes care of the equipment itself.


The flight starts out uneventfully, but on the evening of the second day, the purser, Bradley Verese, pages Dr. Lennon to crews' quarters for an emergency. When they arrive, Captain Yanevich is seriously wounded, having been injured by an powered airtight hatch that closed unexpectedly. Lennon takes control of the situation and has the captain moved to the infirmary where he begins a marathon of surgery to deal with the captain's multiple internal injuries and compounded fractures.
Sata contacts Marc Oberlindes and explains the situation. Oberlindes has Sata call the remaining crew to the bridge and places Sata in command. Sata orders Nicastro and Jackson to investigate the hatch and Jackson finds a small chip hotwired into the door mechanism. The chip causes the hatch to randomly close suddenly. With proof of sabotage, Sata again contacts Oberlindes and asks him to investigate the backgrounds of the crew and passengers. Sata questions the passengers, especially the two who signed on at the last minute. Captain Yanevich is moved to his quarters to rest and Lennon sleeps on his couch to keep an eye on him. Jackson hotwires the door so it can only be opened from inside.

Knowing how the sabotage was done, Sata wants to find the tools that were used. Nicastro and Jackson begin searching the ship's equipment lockers, looking for a missing laser solderer. Sata and Verese call all the passengers to the lounge. The search turns up some tools missing from one of the lifeboats, and Sata explains the situation to the passengers and announces that the crew will be searching their rooms looking for the missing tools.

Gunfight in the Lounge

One of the passengers draws a pistol but Sata beats him the draw and wings him. Two more passengers draw guns and the first two open fire on Sata, while the third shoots Verese. As the other passengers dive to the floor, Sata fires a short burst and takes another couple hits in return. One of the attackers is wounded, but Sata is stunned from impacts on his armored flight jacket and Verese is badly wounded. The attackers flee to the corridor, carrying their wounded comrade as Lennon comes from the captain's cabin and Nicastro and Jackson from the lifeboat bays. The bad guys are caught in a crossfire and trade shots with Lennon. Lennon kills the wounded hijacker and seriously wounds the second, but is shot in the leg. Jackson charges up on the third and swings at him with a heavy wrench and misses. Chief Nicastro pulls a pistol and blows the third attacker away with a head shot.

With the attackers down, Lennon rushes to the lounge. He desperately wants to treat Sata first, but sees that Verese is more badly injured. With the assistance of a few first aid trained passengers, Lennon patches up Verese, Sata and the wounded hijacker. After everyone else is resting, Lennon tackles the difficult task of surgery on his own leg injury.

Safe Arrival

After recovering, Sata again calls Oberlindes. The ship will dock at the Wu Skyplex where Oberlindes Lines has a trade office. He promises that replacement personnel will be available. They also call the Yellow Submarine and let them know what happened. Howard offers to double back and pick them up since they are only a couple days past the station, but Sata orders them on to Osiris to deliver their cargo on time. Sata docks the Persephone Sunset at the skyplex, and the wounded and dead are offloaded. Sata, Lennon and Jackson and the rest of the crew are questioned by law enforcement officials on the station with Oberlindes paid attorneys to defend them. After the initial inquiry, Sata, Lennon and Jackson board a luxury transport with tickets paid for by Oberlindes, and head to Osiris. At the Dahak Skyplex above Osiris, an Oberlindes courier delivers to them a month's pay at 50% bonus instead of the two weeks they contracted for and an Oberlindes Lines identification card which entitles them to one free first class or two second class passages a month on any Oberlindes owned ship for life.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim "A pilot, a mechanic and a doctor walk into an adventure…"

Emily "Lidocaine, Morphine and Ketamine; the Chex Mix of painkillers."

Konrad "Throw us a bone. With some meat on it…"