Refrigerated Refugees

The first true campaign adventure with the revised characters. The mercenary has been replaced by a trader/merchant, Archibald Ulysses Finx.

Unlisted Passengers

The crew picks up a mixed load of cargo on Persephone and heads to Constance and Beaumonde. Halfway there, an alarm sounds inside one of the cargo canisters, a cryochamber failure alarm. The crew opens the canister and finds it is filled with one person cryochambers and one of them is having an equipment failure and is about to release its occupant…

The girl inside is revived and turns out to be a wanted fugitive, an anti-Alliance dissident from the Core worlds. She and the others are being smuggled out to the Rim worlds to start a new life with new identities courtesy of an orbital underground railroad.

Dockside Shuffle

The crew agrees to help and the Jackson fixes her cryochamber and Lennon puts her back inside. The crew makes delivery and is arguing with the recipient about extra money while the freight is unloaded. After the deal is settled, they realize that someone has subsituted another container for the one holding the refugees! A group of crooks had empty containers at the port and swapped their empty canister for the full one with the refugees. Lennon runs off and jumps on the back of the container and holds on as the crooks try to escape. Capt'n Sata returns to the ship to give chase in the shuttle and Wilks snipes at the truck's tires as it flees.

The crooks are stopped and the container and it's hibernating passengers are rescued. The crew gets a contact in the anti-Alliance underground.