Refinery Strike

(Based on the adventure "Insignificant Acts" from the Flashpoint! Brak Sector campaign book)

On Tonight's Episode
A few weeks after their return from the supply raid, Commander Gion calls the team in for a mission briefing. They are kicking off a number of attacks on Imperial forces and secondary assets. Their team is being sent to destroy a major refinery operated by the Lant Mining Corporation on the planet Demar. The refinery provides raw materials for the Imperial military. Their orders are to sabotage the refinery's cooling system, causing the smelter to melt down and destroy the facility. They will need to proceed to the planet Genesia, either in their own ship or on a Rebel transport. There, Zaonderh will need to obtain LMC uniforms and fake IDs. Hack will need to slice into LMC's files and generate fake travel orders for the team. They will board a LMC ship to go to the port on Demar, then take a company shuttle to the refinery. They need to attack the refinery's cooling system control room, shut down the system and plant demolition charges to prevent the sabotage from being reversed. C'athall is given details about the refinery and the bombs. After they blow the control room, they will need to steal a speeder and fly to the town of Tamen. There, they will meet their contact, pilot Lirisa Casti who will fly them out on her Gthroc freighter, the Star Trader. She will fly them to Genesia.

Run the Infiltration Montage
The team decides to fly their ship, the Shriek-Hawk to Genesia. Commander Gion gives them a local contact, a Sullustan named Jae Go, who will assist them and watch the ship while they are off planet. The team gathers supplies and heads to Genesia and arrives without problems. Zaonderh gathers the materials they need from the local criminals and helps Hack with the fake IDs and papers. Hack plants the false documentation in the local computers and they board a flight a few days later. Some of the IDs are a little shaky, but those team members carry off their roles with confidence and security passes them. On Demar, they pass through the company port and get a flight out to the refinery. They have rooms assigned and now that he's onsite, Hack slices the work schedule to put himself, Leelan and Zaonderh on duty in the control room, C'athall and Varek are assigned nearby. He also plants a command to bring a turbolift down to their floor and lock in place, waiting for them. In the morning, they all move down to the control room. The first three report for duty and engage they two supervisors in a discussion about them being new, but discrepancies in the schedule start to show up. the party decides to attack. Zaonderh draws his hold out blaster to shoot the security guard, but the guard swats his arm aside and punches him. Leelan and Hack order the refinery techs to surrender. C'athall and Varek enter and help shoot the guard, then the bombs are planted while Hack shuts down the cooling system. They leave and board their turbolift and go to the roof landing pads. They spot a nice sized luxury airspeeder and decide to steal it. They have a short shootout with the guards on the roof, then fly away calmly while smoke begins to emerge from the refinery.

Save the Girl
The trip to Tamen is quiet and uneventful. But when they arrive at the shuttleport, they see flashing lights near the hanger of Lirisa's ship. They land nearby and observe Lirisa and some other locals being arrested and taken to the speeder truck. An officer is locking the landing bay doors. They open fire on the arrest team and they return fire. Lirisa takes out the last man herself, kicking him in the crotch from behind, then kicking him in the head while he's down. Hack and Leelan work to remove the door lock, Varek finds the officer's binder keys and release Lirisa and the other rebels who flee. Varek also finds the key for the door lock and they head inside and escape Demar in Lirisa's ship. She returns them to Genesia and they return to Oracle Base in the Shriek-Hawk.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing a disguise kit to conceal Leelan's race
Lee "It's called black face"
Jim "Space face"

Leelan's R5 Redo has artwork inspired by Mirialan tattoos
Jim "Nice graffitti, did some Jawa kids steal it?"

Jim, to Michael "You may use Con <skill>"
Lee "Khan!!"

Smuggling weapons on board the transport
Jim "There's no T.S.A., so it should be easy"
Emily "There will be after this"
Jim "<newscaster voice> Mirialan terrorists destroy refinery"

Trying to make small talk with the employees
Lee "Do you work here often?"

Lee's character is being rebellious and C'athall, the team commander, regards him as being childish
Mike "Wait until I talk to your mother… Oh wait"
Mass "Ooowwww"

The players kept warning each other not to mention they had bombs
Kevin "How about those training videos? They're dynamite!"
Lee "Don't mention the bomb!"
Lots of "Somebody set us up the bomb" comments, mostly from Lee

Discussing the bombs, Jim says they are equal to at least a kilo of C4
Lee "How much is that?"
Emily (laughing) "You don't understand metric?" because Lee is Canadian and that's what they use
Lee "No, I don't know how much explosive it is"

Lee wants Hack to carry a bomb, but Mike says no, so Lee writes a protest poem
Lee "The Capt'n won't let me take the bomb,
Words can't explain how much he's wrong,
If I had the bomb, I'd BE the bomb,
But I guess we'll never know."

Planning the escape
Emily "I imagine we'll have a sloppy escape, yelling 'Run away, run away!' "

Talking about stealing the partially loaded ore freighter docked at the refinery
Lee "We could drop rocks on people and they could die"
Jim "Believe me, I'm thinking about that right now"

Stealing an escape speeder
Kevin "We walk briskly to the speeders"

Mike wants to fire the carbine, even though it does the same damage as his pistol
Mike "Rifle skill lets me roll more dice"
He rolls and gets ones on almost half his dice
Jim "More dice means more ones"