Redneck D&D

You might be playing Redneck D&D if…

your familiar is named "Bubba".

you cast Unseen Servant/Mage Hand to get you a beer.

when you cast Find Familiar, your choices are muskrat, possum, raccoon,
skunk and squirrel.

you have a wagon up on blocks in your yard.

your shield is held together with duct tape.

your bard plays the banjo.

you have Pig-calling as a proficiency.

you speak Common and Hill-folk.

you can kill a kobold with a called shot while spitting out your chewing tobacco.

your character sheet says "Y'all name" and has a statistic for "number of teeth".

most of your spells require pig fat as a material component.

your wizard's tower is in a trailer park.

the tavern you stop in offers pulled orc and troll jerky.

your character's name is hyphenated: Billy-Conan, Aragorn-Bob, Valeria-Sue.

your cleric's church functions take place at a pig roast.