Nigel Reddington the Third

Nigel Reddington the Third (played by Matt)

Nigel graduated top of his class at Oxford and became a professor of Xeneology and Archeology. He was pushed by his father and trained rigorously in the different arts of science and discovery. Nigel never really liked his father, perhaps more or less it was because of Nigel’s brother Daniel.
Daniel was the younger of the two and unlike Nigel was not a master of his studies. Daniel was in love with the romantics of the times and rarely applied himself to his schooling. He was more adapt to spending the family fortune on long trips to help with his great fits of sickness and depression and to further explore the world views. Daniel dabbled in some politics here and there, but was more of a dreamer and philosopher than a man of action. He fell into writing books and novels to pass the time. A few works of poetry also adorn the many papers piled around his room. He was also an opportunist for bad dealings and often fell into trouble with the local authorities, but nothing that Nigel’s father couldn’t buy him out of. Nigel loved his brother so, but the man was an idiot and a buffoon, always dreaming but never succeeding, but perhaps it was just his way. Nigel secretly collected a few of his works and keeps them in his collection. They were good, but sadly they would never be as good as the writers of the day. Perhaps one day they might be of use to someone, but as for today they were merely the only memories Nigel had of his brother who disappeared many, many years ago.
This was the cause for argument many a night in Nigel’s house. Daniel ran away and it was Nigel’s fault, or so his father would say. If father hadn’t coddled the boy all his life, maybe he would have found direction with it. Ever since the day Daniel disappeared, thing were never the same again. Nigel went on to school, he couldn’t be held back like his father who fell into drinking. No, Nigel had something to prove to the world and he wasn’t about to let his brother Daniel's disappearance hold him back. He still wondered if some day Daniels might return, but it was unlikely. The boy couldn’t do anything right, let alone return triumphantly as if descending from the heavens.
Nigel’s father was a wealthy man who was a renowned psychologist, and part time writer. It was these two facts that were the reasons why he babied Daniels so much because he understood both of his dreams and problems. Nigel’s dad was a man who took care of the many wealthy families in town making sure that they got the mental conditioning needed so they could operate through their daily lives. He made sure the rich could function and handle being rich. His son Nigel believed this was a sham and hoax but said nothing as his father's wrath was vengeful and barbaric. He’d simply have to disown him and Nigel’s name would be ruined, his schooling would stop and he’d never aspire to be anything more than the common working man. His dad had his vices; women and drink.
Nigel’s mom having passed away quite early in his youth from a weakened heart, his father found other ways to entertain himself. Nigel’s mother, the poor dear, was always having fainting spells and eventually her heart just gave out.
“Lack of love, Nigel, lack of true love, your father cares so much for his work so much for his sons' achievements, he cares not for anything else. He doesn’t see me as his wife, just a trophy He doesn’t see you as a son, just an achievement for being the best student of your school. Daniel he sees merely as himself, a dreamer of great things without much promise. Nigel, don’t you ever become your father. Become better than him, become more than just an achievement, become yourself Nigel, become all you can be.” She passed away late that night, it was as if the world went to sleep and took her with it.
Nigel went on to travel and study abroad on various subjects. He trained as a duelist in Germany where he learned some of the more vicious sword play and paid its cost, having now a dueling scar across his right eye. The battle was long and hard and just a spilt second away from winning, Nigel was struck in the face with a lucky blow. The duel was to first blood and by the rules set down Nigel had lost. He said it was a refreshing experience to see a man of such brute strength move so nimbly and conceded that this man was the better duelist.
Upon his return from travels and study of various languages of the people around, he went back to the university. For a few years he did expeditions on small discoveries here and there during the summer months. In the winter months he taught a few classes, but wasn’t really satisfied with the mundane work that the university had to offer.
Fate stepped in and he met a wonderful woman named Marla McBride, a fiery redhead with a passion for adventure and insight. Born of a wealthy Irish family, Marla was a trust fund baby who didn’t meet the standard for a lady. They were married and over the years they went on many expeditions across the globe.
Before they married, her father was stricken ill at 67 and has since been confined to bed rest and the occasional stroll around his estate gardens. The man took a likening to Nigel, but warned him greatly of his daughter's individualism. Nigel laughed at this notion as that was the quality he most adored in the woman, her ability to be herself and more than what society wanted. There was going to be change and the common women was a dull frail creature portrayed as perfect in every way. This was the romantic ideology, the “American woman” ideology, that his brother had believed so much in. Nigel would have nothing with that, a woman was to be more than that. She needed to be forward, she needed to be rough and tumble, independent, and she needed to most importantly be herself. The “American woman” innocent perfect being whom is untouched by the world; those times were in the past and Nigel was looking towards the future.
Late one spring, they both went deep into the jungles of Africa on a mission to investigate the rumors of an ancient artifact of great wealth and power. They worked long months with the local tribes to travel through the dense jungle forest. Most of them were Zulu; excellent hunters and greatly held down by the English rule. Getting them to trust the two of them was very hard, however Marla proved her charm and wit by winning them over. The tribe revealed to them the site of the great tomb in which the artifact was laid to rest. Overcoming numerous traps and other “unspeakable horrors”, the two made headway into the tomb until they reached the heart of it.
The exact details are not known as to what happened next, but Nigel was the only one to come out. He said that they indeed found the artifact, but the price paid was more than he had ever been expecting to pay. Beaten, bruised, out of money and luck, Nigel made the slow journey back to the university. He explained to Marla’s father what had happened and as far as anyone knows he’s the only one who knows the full truth. Sadly, he died late that winter in his sleep at the age of 74. His vast fortune disappeared, it was a great mystery at the time and was investigated for a few years, but no evidence had been found to follow the trail of money. Rightfully having married Marla, he was the recipient, but fate didn’t play kindly to Nigel.
The next few years Nigel spent here and there making ends meet at the very least, but nothing compared to the grand expanses he had been attributed for in the past. His career in ruins, his life in shambles, he fell into drink and seclusion. His old ties to the university and long time friend Jack Finnegan got him a job teaching on the side. They even gave him a small room in the basement of the university near the furnace room. It was a long fall from the position he had held and from the dignity he once had. Now he was washed up and a failure and the only consolation if you could call it that was he was alive. There was no way matters could have been worse with his career dead at 28 years old, but that’s the funny thing about life; things can always get worse. No, he didn’t catch ill, and no, he wasn’t fired. No, something much worse occurred; his wife returned.
Not only had his wife returned, but she returned under a different name; Elizabeth Alexander, and brought along with her all the artifacts and research that Nigel had done, that they had done together. He didn’t know how she escaped that cave, but she did and she took all the credit for the find. She found out about her father's death and she herself tried to find the fortune herself, but to no avail. As a woman, and with her new identity, she had no claims to it or the power to acquire it.
Nigel had sought her out, at first concerned for her and wanting to know where she had been all these years. She denied ever having met Nigel or knowing what work he was talking about, and this more than anything, enraged him. She said she had made this find on her own and he was merely trying to take credit from someone who was obviously better at the job than he. She sent some people to set him straight and that was the last time Nigel would bother her again. This was the call of the war drums.
“I'd kill that woman if I could Juan, and she me if it weren’t for our love of each other. However, if given the chance to better herself in this world she would gladly hang me out to dry somewhere in some foreign country.”
Now not only was his job tanked, but his name had been tarnished to all but the community within which he worked who knew better that to believe the lies. Or did they? They never gave him his proper job back, they never gave him his proper credit for work and the best they could afford for the top in his field was a cot next to a furnace. Yes, things were really looking up for the old boy.
Well, all stories have a happy ending at least that’s what they say in the talkies and the books. This one really didn’t seem to have it though.

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