Red Sun Blockade

Several of the worlds of the Red Sun system were pro-Independence, especially New Melbourne and St. Albans. On March 14th of 2507, an Alliance task force moved into the Red Sun system and blockaded both worlds. Military vessels were destroyed in a brief battle, skyplexes were occupied and all movement to or from the worlds was halted.

This was not a huge issue for the people of New Melbourne, as they were self sufficient in food and were a major exporter of fish. St. Albans,on the other hand, is a frigid mining world which depends on off world supplies bought with its mining products. St. Albans surrendered after six months and was occupied on October 11th, 2507. After occupation, there were a number of guerilla attacks on the Alliance forces. The Alliance garrison responded by withdrawing into the fortified spaceport and stopping food deliveries to outlying areas. Faced again with starvation, attacks diminished and by January 26th of 2508, St. Albans was listed as pacified and joined the Alliance.

New Melbourne held out until November 10th, 2507. The successful blockade of St. Albans allowed the Alliance task force to send extra ships to support the New Melbourne units and key points on the surface were captured. New Melbourne formally surrendered and joined the Alliance on November 20th, 2507.