Red Sun

Red Sun (also called Zhe Que or Red Phoenix)
Red Sun orbits White Sun at a distance of 68 AU, taking 571 standard years to make one orbit. It is a G5 V star of 0.93 Solar masses. System Map

The Red Sun system provides a great deal of resources to the 'Verse. It is dominated by Corrone Mining, although there are several prime agricultural worlds here as well.

Orbit AU Year Planets Moons Planetary Stats UWTN Trade
1 0.7 0.6 New Melbourne B867764-2 3.5 Ag
2 1.0 1.0 Himinbjorg Gas Giant
Aesir C664463-1 2.5 Ag
Jiangyin D744463-0 2.0 Ag
Greenleaf C665764-2 4.0 Ag
Whittier D644563-0 2.0 NI
3 1.3 1.5 Heinlein Gas Giant
Triumph E644563-0 2.0 NI
Higgins' Moon D747563-0 2.0 NI
Silverhold C786764-1 3.5 NI
Harvest B867765-1 3.5 Ag
Di Yun D751564-0 2.0 NI
4 1.9 2.7 St. Albans C985664-1 3.5 NI
5 3.1 5.7 Perth Un-terraformed
6 5.5 Motherlode Asteroid Belt
7 10.3 34.3 Charity Un-terraformed

Table Code Explanations

AU- Distance from star in Astronomical Units at 93 million miles or about 8 light minutes each
Year- Length of orbital period in Earth years
UWTN- Universal World Trade Number, a measure of planetary commerce
Planetary Stats:
Port Size Atmo Hydro Population Government Law –Tech Level Trade # Trade classification
A- Best, build and repair all, cheap fuel available.
B- Repair all, can’t build pulse drive ships, fuel available.
C- Repair all but pulse drive, no construction, expensive fuel available.
D- Minimum repairs, no fuel
E- No repairs, port may only be marked bedrock
X- No port facilities of any kind.
Size- Diameter in 1000’s of miles. Earth is 8
Atmo- 4 Thin, 6 Standard, 8 Dense
Hydro- x10% for amount of water
Population- Orders of magnitude; tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, etc.
0-None, family bonds dominate
1-Corporation controlled
4- Representative Democracy
6-Outside control; Alliance Magistrate or Governor
2- No energy weapons or explosives
3- No military weapons (machine guns, automatic rifles)
4- No paramilitary weapons (Submachine guns, assault rifles)
5- No handguns
6- No firearms except civilian hunting weapons
7- No firearms
8- No weapons larger than knives
Tech Level
0- Pre-industrial (Old West)
1- Industrial (20th century)
2- Technological (Space travel, fusion power, anti-gravity)
3- Advanced (Newtech x2)
4- Highly Advanced (Newtech x4)
5- Cutting Edge (Newtech x10)
Trade Classifications
Ag- Agricultural, food exporter
In- Industrial
NA- Non-agricultural; no food available for export or no local food production.
NI- Non-industrial; little or no manufacturing
Red Zone- World is off limits due to extreme hazards