This is the page for our new Star Wars D6 campaign, which is more traditional than "Shadows of Discord". It will be set during the Rebellion and the player characters will be Rebel spies, agents and smugglers and such fighting to overthrow the Empire. I will be using the campaign book Flashpoint! Brak Sector as a basis. They are assigned to Oracle Base on the uninhabited planet Tel III in the Brak Sector.

Players and Characters
Emily- Mirialan Engineer Second Lieutenant Leelan D'nali
Kevin- Mandalorian Pilot First Lieutenant Varek Quade, Captain of the Shriek-Hawk
Lee- Human Slicer Second Lieutenant Sly "Hack" Icebreaker
MC- Human Weapons Officer First Lieutenant Aurin Nalle
Michael- Devaronian Grifter Second Lieutenant Zaonderh D'rargav
Mike- Human Soldier Captain C'athall Ardan

Detached Duty
Chmiel- Wookie combat medic Bohdan

YG-4210 Shriek-Hawk

Supporting Characters
Sector Commander General Trep Reskan
Major Raad Hak
Commander Dara Gion
Leelan's R5 astromech Redo
Pilot Lirisa Castri
Rebel Order of Battle

Sector Governor Moff Lesan Ramier
Fleet Admiral Garrik Trier
Star Destroyer Captains Gar Halcard, Tarsi Vene, Olin Corrik
Frigate Captains Kham Tanau, Maree Illes
TIE Squadron Commanders Gavin Delstee, Drice Laga
Imperial Order of Battle

New Equipment
E-22 Blaster Rifle
Modified Bowcaster
Mandalorian Armor Stats
Ubrikkian GPT-117 Troop Transport
Heavy 798 Starliner

Character Session
Supply Raid
Refinery Strike
Quid Pro Quo
Pilot Rescue
Droid Army Cache
Boots on the Ground
Orbit City
Death by Triflexia
Devaronian Intrigue
Second Try
Diplomatic Difficulties
Murder on the Bacrana Clipper
Right Place
Grand Theft Starship
Head Games
Bug Out
Liberation of Bacrana