Reaver Detour

A delve in the "Deadliest Cargo" theme. The characters are the crew of the Fei Long class transport, the Kalidasa Passage.

Captain Arthur Saxon (Jeremy) A former Alliance naval officer now running a freighter on the Rim.
Pilot Dexter Black (Kevin) A pilot with amnesia about his past.
Purser Richard Fieldings (Konrad) A retired Companion, hiding from his past.
Doctor Charles Bao (NPC) A doctor suspended on false charges.
Mechanic Roy (Matt) A grizzled old space salvage worker, working as mechanic and unofficial Bosun.
Mechanic Al Bester (NPC) A slacker mechanic who loves the ladies. Yes, the one from the flashback episode of Firefly.
Deckhand Zeke Tomlinson (played by Michael) A simple farmer who lost his land, working as cheap labor.
Deckhand Nick Whedon (Emily's PC, run as NPC) A drug addict, short tempered deckhand.

The Kalidasa Passage is at the Eavesdown Docks on Persephone loading passengers and freight for Beaumonde. Purser Fieldings checks in a group of hard cases, a family and an attractive older businesswoman. One of the hard cases is a woman who looks tough enough to play Fish. Captain Saxon is overseeing the cargo loading, since the deckhands are not the 'verse's best or brightest. He is approached by two men in coreworld style business suits, asking if they have room for more cargo. They have a standard half-cannister they need shipped. The captain confers with the purser and confirms they have room for the cargo and the two men as passengers. However, they need it delivered on Angel and are willing to pay double rates for the detour. When they sign in though, they give paper rimworld identification from Hera, not identicards. The ship departs and the purser and the businesswoman quickly begin a shipboard romance. Most of the other passengers keep a low profile. There are the usual discipline issues with Bester and Nick, Bester gets shot down trying to hit on the businesswoman. Zeke spends his spare time trying to preach to the passengers or play harmonica to them.
Eventually, they drop out of pulse drive near Beylix and head for Angel. The ship is hailed by an Alliance patrol cutter and told to stand by for boarding. The communications are voice only and very poor quality. The crew prepares for boarding and tries to speak to the cutter, but all they get back are short messages. Dexter realizes the messages are pieced together recordings and warns the captain. The passenger cabins are locked down for their safety. As the cutter locks onto the rear passenger deck airlock, most of the crew are waiting, armed just in case. The hatch opens and a device is thrown through the door, it spins on the deck and throws out electrically charged wires, sort of a taser grenade. Then reavers come through the lock and attack. The crew opens fire and for a half minute its a crazy firefight as the reavers pour through, attacking the crew with horrible improvised weapons and ferocity. Some of the hardcases override their cabin lock and head for the airlock with handguns, but the battle is over before they can get involved. The crew manages to drop all the reavers, but Roy and Nick are severely wounded and Richard is dopey from sleep poison. The captain orders the airlock jammed shut and the wounded taken to sickbay. The captain takes Bester outside to see if there are any boobytraps attached to the other ship's docking grapples, then they cut the cutter free and space the reavers out the engineering airlock. Bester tries to undo the jammed airlock and ends up frying the hatch motors completely. It will need a dockyard job. The ship continues to Angel and drops off their cargo and two mysterious men, then head to Beaumonde.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Before we even started
Kevin "I have major amnesia."
Konrad salutes.
Kevin "But I don't remember that."

Konrad "You can't choose dice willy nilly like that."
Matt "I do."
Kevin "Well, there's your problem."

Kevin's character is on the bridge "I'm making sure the three switches work."

Jeremy "Make sure the passengers don't hear the screaming, that might put them off."

Konrad "I can entertain someone while doing math, especially someone so crass."

Konrad "I wear my tux after 6pm, what are we, farmers?" Turns to Michael, playing Zeke, "No offense."

Michael, in character "Back on the farm, we used spit for fertilizer. We didn't have any rain, so we had to make our own."
Kevin "How did you lose your farm again?"

Matt "I've killed more men than you."
Konrad "It's quality over quantity and I've killed more quality men than you."
Matt "Not today, you haven't"

Michael "It's a spaxe?" (stumbles over pronounciation)
Jim "Yes, its a space axe, a spaxe."

Jim "You also have Bester" (To send outside to do repairs)
Konrad "Oh, I would totally send him out the airlock. Oh wait, you mean with a space suit?"

There was also a very silly group discussion about someone's character making pistol attacks, but using them as thrown weapons, not shooting them. There was too much laughing for us to catch it all, but there was a final comment about handguns thrown as boomerangs so they came back.