Reaver Competition

(Based on the Classic Traveller adventure "Without a Trace" written by J. Andrew Keith in the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society #18 from 1983)

On Liann Jiun, Captain Windsor rejoins the crew of the Britannia after his visit to Londinium. Since Cid did well finding jobs during the captain's absence, Windsor directs Cid to find work for them. Cid locates a large shipment of mining machinery and supplies headed for Lamarck Minerals, LIC, a mining company on New Canaan in Blue Sun. Since it will be some time before the cargo is loaded, Cid asks Windsor if they can pick up some passengers. Windsor reluctantly agrees and Cid finds four passengers; an asteroid miner, two businessmen and an attractive young doctor who just finished her schooling and is headed to Blue Sun for work. Ruan immediately begins making friends with her and they have a shipboard romance on their way to Blue Sun. One of the businessmen, however, is not being honest with them. The crew spots some Tong tattoos and assumes he is some sort of criminal and keeps an eye on him. Windsor has the crew stand two person watches around the clock.
It is a very long journey to Blue Sun and they decide to make a short four hour layover at the Long Night station which is a very gritty, down and dirty station, mainly servicing the needs of long haul bulk freighters. When time comes to depart, the miner is late. The captain decides to wait and their missing passenger shows up, in handcuffs and escorted by station police. They release him after giving him a receipt for his fines, etc and tell him not to come back. The Britannia departs Long Night and makes an uneventful journey to Blue Sun. Naomi spends time putting the final touches on the improvised railgun built into the cargo deck and also finally has time to build a cricket simulator for the captain.

The cargo is unloaded and the crew decides to explore, since its the ship's first time here. New Canaan is the 'verse's leading producer of fine whiskey and the crew goes on some whiskey tasting tours of the local distilleries and purchases a lot of fine whiskey. When they begin looking for jobs, they are contacted by the local manager for Lamarck, a Helene Clark. She explains that one of their new ships, a Maru class ore freighter the Astrid Maru, is two days overdue and they want to hire the crew to find the missing ship. She offers 3,000 credits and a 500 credit down payment to recover the ship. If they can at least trace the ship, they will be given partial payment. The captain agrees and Clark sends them over details on the ship and crew. She has one additional clue; a ship of the same class was spotted about the time the Astrid Maru should have arrived, she gives them the coordinates of the sighting.
The Britannia is refueled and heads across system to the location of the ship sighting. They find traces of ship exhaust, but not much. Beginning a search pattern, they find the residue from a pulse drive activation and head in that direction, towards the asteroid belt. The trail leads them to a mining outpost and approaching carefully, they find the missing ship docked to one of Lamarck Mineral's own stations, which is a rest and resupply depot for prospectors in this part of the Uroboros asteroid belt. The crew gets into a debate about what to do, and the possibility that this is some trick of the mining company that they are meant to be the fall guys for. They decide to communicate with Clark back on New Canaan, but first modify the crybaby Naomi had built and plan to use it as a cortex relay so the signal can't be traced to their location. Ruan goes outside to plant the crybaby on an asteroid.

While they are maintaining a watch on the ship and outpost, a reaver ship creeps out of the asteroid belt. It launches a shuttle that docks to the Astrid Maru while the main ship links up to the outpost. The reavers are certainly slaughtering and torturing the conspirators and the crew of the Britannia falls to arguing among themselves. Naomi wants to attack the reaver ship with the railgun, hopefully disabling it, then board the ship and recover it from the reavers. Cid is practically in a panic, setting a course for Boros and ready to run as soon as possible. Ronnie is adamant that his daughter Sarah not be exposed to danger and also wants to flee. Silas is unsure if they can attack but Ruan is willing and Naomi is angry at their refusal to help the reavers' victims. Other members of the crew are unwilling to fight reavers to save a bunch of hijackers. Naomi storms out while the rest of the crew argue. Finally, Captain Windsor decides not to endanger ship and crew and refuses to attack. They do let Clark know the ship has been found and she is trying to get the Alliance to send a patrol ship. Not wanting to attract the reavers, the Britannia stays quiet and eventually eight hours later, the reaver ships depart the silent outpost. Windsor decides to get out of the area and they sneak off to avoid attracting the reavers. They return to New Canaan where Clark only pays them 1,000 credits for finding the ship. They decide to find cargo heading back towards the core and get out of Blue Sun.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Shopping on a high tech world, the conversation turned to pets
Kevin "Can we get a (Newtech) x2 Corgi?"

Emily was talking about the challenges of playing a horny, 20 year old male and was basing her roleplaying on what it was like to date horny 20 year old guys
Emily "It's so hard"
Jim "It is…"
Emily "D'oh!" <facepalm>

Captain Windsor seemed depressed following his trip to Londinium
Matt "We hire a prostitute, send her to the captain's quarters"
Raleigh "Her name is Saffron"

One of the passengers is overdue to reboard the ship after the lay over at Long Night and the comment was made that airlines don't wait for you
Lee "I think we'd like to set a standard higher than airlines"

Kevin "As long as my mustache is intact, I can regenerate"

Raleigh "Blue Sun is the rimmiest of the Rim Worlds"

Talking about who believes in reavers
Emily "I saw those shows, Reaver Hunters, searching old derelict ships with their Reaver-meters"
Lee suggested people who believe in reavers would be "Bereavers"

Discussing the whiskey tasting tours
Jim "Wine tasting tours are often combined with something like chocolate. What would go well with whiskey?… Beef Jerky!!"
Comments were made that the ship's toilets were in for a lot of stress after the crew consumes whiskey and jerky…

Lee "Cthulhu Beer; a great cold one"

Discussing the missing ship, the Astrid Maru and wondering if it's anything like the Kobayashi Maru
Kevin "I'm over-confident, but not that over-confident"

Explaining his attack plan and what they would do after firing the improvised railgun into the reaver ship
Raleigh "We go down there and kill all the survivors… I mean the surviving reavers"