Raunchy Texts

Michael- I think the couple already ran off into the sunset right?

Mike- If they did, it shouldn't be hard to find two giants fucking in the woods.

Michael- But even if they knock down trees while going at it would we hear it?

Mike- You just follow the trail of giant semen Mike…

Michael- Our great ranger can do the tracking for that

Mike- No ranger needed mike even your monk could roll enough to find it

Michael- Int of 9 no clue what that is it's all up to you lol

Mike- I'll get you a sample so you can increase your wealth of knowledge

Michael- Oh so I can learn how it's like catnip for dragonborns. Interesting

Jim- WTF?! I pick up my phone to check messages and get this deluge. I don’t think the airship will carry two giants

Chmiel- Hey, you started the discussion. :P

Jim- No matter where we try to point the blame game, it all comes back on me for introducing all you nuts to each other

Lee- You could attach the giants to the ship with straps. You could accurately state that the airship has 2 giant strap-ons.

Jim- Facepalm!

Mike- Or we could climb into the female giants "bag of holding" if you know what I mean 😏

Jim- You can

Chmiel- Go spelunking in the cave of wonders?

Mike- I'll go first. I'm scaled for her pleasure

Michael- Just make sure you roll a 1 on your sneak check. You don't want the guy to not know your in there when he gets in the mood.

Mike- I may just jump on the giants hog and be like one of those pleasure rings 💍

Jim- I’ve talked about people being dicks, but I think you’re taking it too literally. I agree with Michael, how long can you hold your breath while you try to swim upstream against the flow?