Raleigh is transplant from Wyoming, and the most widely travelled person I have ever met. He is the "King of the Backstory", sharing the crown with Emily. He played Captain Sata in our Serenity "The Yellow Submarine" campaign, crazed scottish gunnery chief Timothy MacCraig in our Serenity/Space:1889 campaign and the Blues Magician Lenox Jones in the Hellboy/BPRD games. His newest character is Naomi Hale, a techie in "Lost Sheep".
Raleigh is also locally renowned for his "Suffer thee a Kobold" games, a 4th edition D&D game where the characters are the kobold defenders of a small kobold village, possibly the most entertaining 4th ed. game in the world.

Assorted Quotes
"Theory and Practice are always the same, in Theory"

Emily left some ice cubes in a cooler too long and they melted
Emily "Oh no, that wasn't supposed to happen"
Raleigh "The ice escaped?"

Matt "I'm sane"
Raleigh "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means"

Playing the Firefly board game
"I've got two prostitutes and a gynecologist. This will work"

"There's a difference between reading the Bible and getting to know someone biblically"

Joined 10/3/09