(Played by Brittany)
An acolyte originally guarding a sacred temple in a small forest known as Kjerring only a few miles north of the Ladysforest in the Open Lands. Raidne was cast out of her local circle by failing her sacred duty. Few people had knowledge of this particular sacred site; it was not known by most people because it was so well hidden.

She and several of her druid colleagues were given a role to protect an Alder tree living in sacred soil that was a servant of The First Tree. A servant tree imbued with sacred nature properties through the area, but they were ambushed by a horde of undead controlled by a troupe of necromancers that follow Nerull, god of death, disease, and the undead. Had someone leaked information about the location of the sacred tree? There was no time for Raidne to think as they tried to hold back the horde but there were just too many.

She climbed to the top of the Alder tree as the land became overrun, her colleagues, killed, as the necromancers bent the tree to their corrupted will. Raidne escaped with only a seedling of the sacred tree and was cursed (or blessed, unsure) turning her hair white, as she was cast out of her local druid circle as she failed to fulfill her sworn duty. It did not matter that she had saved the sapling, she had let the followers of Nerull corrupt a sacred site and lose druid members in the process.

While she is still within the Circle of the Moon she only attends ceremonies and gatherings on occasion (unless it is desperately necessary) as she is viewed as failing in her sacred duties. As she travels she hopes that other circles have not caught word of her mistakes, or recognize her but so far it has been a case by case basis.

She one day hopes to prove herself by taking back what she had lost by replanting the tree that had been corrupted by the followers of Nerull or repossessing the original Alder Tree. She one day hopes to become more than a simple acolyte, maybe a Great Druid, or even one day even a Archdruid or Hierophant, but first she must redeem herself.

Game notes: Long Story Reward- Extra skill: Animal Handling, Extra feat: Elemental adept- Fire