Dirty Dan

Ex-Space Racer played by Ryan

Born on Ganymede, you always wanted to fly. Your test scores got you into a flight school and from there you were recruited by an orbital racing team. You had a couple good seasons, but the league crashed after some bad business deals and you were out on your own. You decided to try your hand at being a Cowboy.

Trade Commissioner- Sha Shung was an administrator for the race commission. He has a job with the Martian Trade Commission in Nicholson on Mars. Chinese male, late 50’s.

Smuggler- Marilee Cook was a fellow racer who also lost her position. Unlike you, she continued putting her pilot skills to use as a smuggler. You stay in touch and hope she never ends up on a bounty listing. Last you heard she was running in and out of the moons of Jupiter. White female, medium length blonde hair.

Mechanic- Jim Scott is a former race mechanic who works in a shop in Holden City on Mars. A good man to go to for work under the table and off the books. Black male, crew cut, tattoos on both arms.

Bookie- Alberto Tagliano handled a lot of betting for the race league. These days he’s still a bookie out in the Tijuana asteroid habitat. He can always get you a loan, if you’re not too picky about where the money comes from. White male, dark hair, goatee.

The Capriccio Vivace
Modified Thorez class 800 ton cargo/courier (based on Thorez courier from Traveller:2300/2300AD RPG)
SC: 3 HB: 5
Cargo: 339
Fuel: 800 hours at SC3
6 double staterooms
4 single staterooms
Agi d6 Str d4 Vit d4 Int d4 Ale d4 Wil d6
Pilot d4 Perception d4
Complexity: 30 Low
Cost: 3,600,000 W (used price 900,000 W)
Seen Better Days (m)
Maintenance: 30,000 W/month
Gear: d8 (vehicle) autocannon, 150 rounds
5 d4 Countermeasure launchers, 10 rounds
6 person brig (3 2 person cells)
20 ton Short Range Shuttle

The Thorez class is intended as a short range cargo carrier or slow courier. It has a large central cargo bay with full length and width overhead bay doors. It does not have a spin habitat to provide gravity and is therefore uncomfortable on long journeys. But it has superior rough field landing and vertical take off capabilities. It is not designed to land on water.

(I am just using the Serenity ship design rules with a few tweaks since Bebop universe ships don't have pulse drives or artificial gravity)

Dan also has an old muscle car he bought and had rebuilt, it's black with red stripes, he named it "Trigger".