Played by Sam

Appearance: 18 year old girl; 5'5 in height; long, black hair; hazel eyes; small mole on nose.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Keshian Human
Class: Warlock
Patron: The Earth Elemental Genie, Dao
Patron's Alignment: Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral (will give an exact answer soon)
Genie's Vessel: Ring with compartment

Raaha was born in the small village of Labalah, located south of The Bitter Sea and slightly to the east of The Pillar of the Stars. She was the child of lower end salt miners, as were many of the other children in the village. The village was surrounded by some fields and pastures, so small scale farming and herding were also somewhat common on the outskirts.

While they didn’t have much, Raaha’s family had enough to get by, and she was happy with that. She lived with her mother, father, and 2 older brothers, Basam and Uzair. Her father worked in the mines, while her mother often tended to the small set of crops they grew each year. Her family was very loving, and she even had brothers who she could get along with (usually). Family had always been her top priority in life.
Growing up, Raaha was very well liked and made friends in her village easily. She tended to be optimistic and avoided conflict like the plague. She had a more playful attitude towards learning, work, and life; she looked forward to any time she could have fun. Her favorite activities were dancing and sewing.
Of course, this was relatively easy to do growing up. Raaha was born during one of the most prosperous times in the empire's life, lasting almost 15 years. On top of that, no major accidents occured in her father’s assigned set of mines in some time either. The regular rain was a major help to keeping food available through the regions. Even when the occasional bump in the road occured, her family worked together to get through it.

In what seemed like an instant, life changed when Raaha turned 16. While working during one of his longer excursions, her father had been badly cut in the torso in the mines. Luckily, he was not too deep in, and was pulled out quickly and looked after. He was sent home early, and did not receive as much pay as he had planned. To make matters worse, he developed an infection, and the family had set out to the larger town somewhat nearby, Uyahsa, to gain medical help from a more well known physician. They had to do this several times.
While her father got better with time, he never regained all of his strength back. He was aging, and with the trips to town and the physician, they had gotten into a tight spot with money. While he let himself work with hesitation from the family, he never got big jobs anymore. Basam and Uzair also began working in the mines with their father to bring in more money, even though Uzair was considered somewhat young for the job and had to convince his father’s boss to let him work. Their mother still tended to the small crops, and Raaha decided to begin sewing clothing to help pay the bills.

The family began to get back up on its feet, and the group was somewhat comfortable and happy again.
However, this period did not last long. The period of prosperity in the empire was brought to a halt. Some regions in the north were having disputes about trade, and a drought had begun in the south. While the salt mines and its workers were not as greatly affected, they were not paid as well and were not given quite as many jobs. Many of the folks on the outskirts of the village were losing their crops, animals, and money. It was much harder to get water. For almost 2 years, Raaha saw many of her neighbors and friends struggle, and saw some even pass away. Her family also fell into some debt again. It was hard to remain optimistic, but tried to help as much as she could.
When she was 17, she received the worst news she had ever heard. There was a small explosion in the mines her father and 2 brothers had been working in. Many escaped in time, however, there was an area of collapse. Her father and 2 brothers were some of those trapped inside.

For a week, the only comfort that Raaha and her mother had were each other. She didn’t feel it, but she tried her best to be her usual, positive self for her mother. While the family was not spiritual or religious, Raaha fell asleep every night begging something, or someone, out there to bring her family back.
To their relief, the team had eventually cleared a path in the mines in decent time. Her father and 2 brothers had been found alive. They were immediately given what water and food could be spared, attended to by medics, and sent home.
While the family reunited and rejoiced for a short time, more problems were ahead. Sure, they were alive, but mining processes were being halted for several weeks to clear paths and inspect for any leaks. While the men in her family were not fatally injured, her father had a limp and crippled leg now, and was probably never going back in. Her brothers had broken arms, and would probably be out for several weeks even after the salt mines reopened. On top of everything, the salt mines closing meant less food preservation for many in their area and even larger towns. Times were looking hard, and her father fell into greater debt to get the family medical care and supplies.

On her 18th birthday, Raaha’s mother pulled her aside. With no reliability on their small crops, the men being out of work, and no one focusing too heavily on clothing/sewing repairs, the family was in trouble.
She suggested Raaha find a wealthier man to marry. However, Raaha pointed out that there were not very many single men in the area at the moment, and journeying out into a larger town and staying there for sometime would again cost the family more money for a plan that may not work. Even wealthier men were struggling right now with food, water, and salt shortages, and they might not have much to offer. Besides, while she considered herself ok looking, Raaha knew that she did not stand out. When travelling to Uyahsa, she had tried to gain the attention of one of the merchant’s sons, but to no avail.
While reasoning with her mother, she also said she wants to be with a man she loves, not a man she must be with only for money. After some thought, her mother smiled and agreed.
Her mother then brought up that in the larger towns, there were more options for work for women. Maybe an apprenticeship or schooling could be an option?
Raaha pondered for a moment. However, again, at this point in time many shop owners and tradesmen were not hiring, as she had seen on their last trip to the physician. Schooling was going to cost money she didn’t have. And she, of course, would not even think of putting herself or her mother to work on the streets.

Raaha wanted to do what she could to help. But was it worth the money to risk trying to find work in one of the towns? If it wasn’t, her family would just owe the men in Uyahsa more money.

Raaha then had a realization. She was nervous, but realized it was the easiest way to get the family some money quickly.
Her mother immediately shot the idea down, “Didn’t you see what just happened to your brothers and father?! What about the other men that work down there? I can’t see my only daughter hurt!
Besides, Rahman won’t allow you to work!”
Raaha responded with “I need to help my family; I can’t watch us struggle anymore! This paycheck is a guarantee, unlike the other ideas!”

After a week of debate between the family, the family reluctantly came to a negotiation. Raaha would go to the men’s boss, Rahman, and ask to work on the next mining excursion. She would do this one job to get the family enough gold for the next few weeks while her brothers healed, and then head to Uyahsa to find work. Of course, this was the plan if she was accepted.

Upon arrival, Rahman was in shock. He told her that she had seen what could happen in these mines, and warned her of the amount of labor she’d be putting in.
All Raaha could say was “I know.”

While he attempted to shut her down, Raaha continued to beg Rahman for a spot on the next gig.
With much hesitation, Rahaman accepted her. They did not often allow women to work in the mines, but with her family’s good reputation and her persistence, Rahman would allow her to work. He warned her that because it would be the first since the explosion, it would be a large job and a potentially dangerous one. While scary, this made her excited, as this meant larger pay.

The week leading up to the reopening of the mines, her father and two brothers helped prepare her for what the environment was like, fed her more (which still wasn't much), and made her learn how to swing a pick and lift better. The entire time, she realized how weak and unprepared she was, but this was a job that she must do.
The night before the job, her family held her tight and had a decent meal.

Being led down into the ground with the men was a scary feeling for Raaha, but she reminded herself why she was doing this. She remained optimistic of this job, and felt almost excited for the first time in a while.
Rahman promised that he would have men he knew he could trust be in her area, as they would treat her well, teach her well, and help protect her.

The first day, though exhausting, went very well. She had never been this tired or sore in her life. The next few days were tough work, but went smoothly.

The fifth day, however, she was assigned not as close to the men as she has usually been, but they assured her that they were still close enough in case of need.
Work for most of the day had gone as it normally had, however, she suddenly felt as if she was being pulled down into the ground. In the blink of an eye, she felt herself collapsing.

When she opened her eyes, she was not sure how long it had been. Noone else was around her; she was alone, surrounded by rocks and minerals. She wasn’t sure how this even happened. Was there a weak spot where she was working? Was she the only one that got trapped?
Was help coming?

She was the most scared she had ever been in her life. She tried thinking of ways to get out, and screamed several times. She didn’t hear anyone, how far down had she fallen, and how was she still alive?
Would potentially starving in Uyahsa be a better fate than dying down here? No, I can’t think like that, she told herself.

After trying her hardest to scream and move around what loose rocks she could, she sat and lost the ability to think. She sat there for what felt like an eternity, only coming to her senses when she saw a strange item. It almost looked like it was glowing. Rushing over to examine it, Raaha realized it was a golden ring with some kind of odd compartment. In the moment, she realized that this may be worth a lot of money, a way to pay off at least some of her family’s debt. Now…if only she could get out of here, she thought.

The second the thought came into her mind, the rocks surrounding her seemed to move, forming into a tunnel in front of her eyes. Out of shock, Raaha froze. Was this a hallucination? Was she dying? What if the tunnel falls in on her?
All these thoughts rushed through her head, but she realized this may be her only way out. She cautiously moved through the tunnel. She seemed to be walking forever, and eventually seemed to be moving uphill. The tunnel led her to the ground surface.
Seeing the fields and the outline of the mountain range again, Raaha fell onto the ground, relieved. Suddenly, she heard a faint laughter. Looking around, she saw nothing. However, her leg began to vibrate. It was coming from the ring in her pants pocket! She pulled out the ring, and put it on her finger.

She could hear a voice, and a figure of light appeared before her. She sat on the ground with her mouth wide open.

The figure laughed again, and thanked her for finally releasing his vessel from that rock underground. Raaha sat there in silence, trying to take everything in. Maybe I’m still in that hole, dying, she thought.

“So, tell me, who are you?” The voice asked her. Not sure what to say, she stayed silent for a long time. Eventually, she told it her name and where she was from.
The bodiless figure and its voice seemed to know the area well, then fell silent for a moment.
It said they had been trapped down there for maybe a few hundred years, trying to complete its collection.
Raaha decided to ask what that meant, and it laughed once again.

It told her that he was the earth elemental, Dao. Having been from a non magical, non spiritual, and non religious family, Raaha was still confused.
They began telling Raaha more about their kind, and that they had been considered high in their society for some time.

“What are you considered now?” Raaha asked the figure.
They hesitated and said, “Well.. I was doing well until my apprentice died. Too bad, I liked him. Rest in peace :(….” He paused.
“Anyway, he was helping me get the last few items for my collection. He died fighting something down underground, I wasn't able to revive him, and I got stuck in this ring compartment. Unfortunately, with me not being able to get more of these items in years, the other genie elementals have probably gotten a huge way ahead of me! My reputation is ruined!”

Raaha, still confused, asked more about them. In turn, the elemental asked her about herself and her people.

The Dao then paused for a moment.
“It seems we have a common goal then, you and I. I will give you more strength and power than you would have ever known, and in turn, you will get me the 3 items left I need. I’ll even throw in some fortune to pay off your family’s debt; maybe even enough to feed some of your starving neighbors. You in?”

She began to consider the offer. This was a guaranteed paycheck to help her family, right? As much as she didn’t want to leave them, this was a chance to help them and their village. Plus, this might be the most fun she’s been able to have in the past 3 years.

She made the pact with The Dao, Bhazzaapha
She then returned to the village, letting everyone know she was alive and saying goodbye to her family. She stopped in Uyahsa at the start of her travels, putting all of her family’s debts in her name, as well as picking up what small amount of supplies she could just barely afford.
She then meets up with the party.

Raaha's Goals

  • Follow her patron's goals to pay off her family's debts and feed her starving village.

The Dao's Goals

  • Obtain the last 3 rare items, hidden in different parts of the world, needed to complete their collection and gain back status in Genie society

Warlock notes for Sam