Wilks' Questionaire

Your name is? (Is that your real name? If not how did you acquire this nickname? Do you have any titles or pseudonyms?)
Sgt. Lincoln-Montgomery Wilks, "Ellumn", "Wilks"

What do you look like?
light brown hair, fluffy sideburns, short goatee, mustache. Carmeled skin, bright blue eyes with a 1000 yard stare. Usually dresses in comfortable workman's and laborers clothes, usually with suspenders or overalls (when working on messy projects such as fabrication and painting). On certain worlds he'll wear his brown service jacket either in rebellion or respect.

What is your style and attitude? (How do you dress and talk? Are you cultured or rim folk?)
Wilks is folky, brought up on shadow, enjoys the little things about life. He tends to have an intimidating manner about him.