Quotes And Smart Remarks

Serenity Quotes

"Its happier than you might expect from a bunch of dead guys." Wilks, about the Beatles

"We transferred him to Jesus" Emily

"I don't often cheat, but when I do, I get a two step bonus" 

"WWSMD. What Would Saxon Molyneux Do?" 

"Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Saxon Molyneux." 

New folksy word by Emily: "invitenment" 

"See. I love it when questions I didn't ask lead to answers to questions I didn't know I had." Emily
"That's because my Gamemaster Fu is practically precognitive." Jim

Motherlode (Delve1)
“I gotta get me some pineapples.” Wilks (Tony)

Zilan Wine (Delve2)
“Islands house villains” Tony
“Too bad you don’t have any alcohol.” Tony throws in some plot points. “Check for beer under the seat.” Jim and Tony

Refrigerated Refugees
“Manifest says farming machinery. People can be farming machinery.” Finx (Lorne)

The Warehouse
“Who are you?!” “I’m Lennon…Want some guns?” Pirate prisoners and Lennon (Emily)

Aces & Eights
“If Liberace were a NASCAR driver, he would look like that.” Emily about Finx (Lorne)

“They’re dust devils, Cap’n.” Wilks (Tony) to Sata (Raleigh)

“Lennon’s hair is fantastic.” “Thank you. Wait, was that in character?” Tony to Emily 
“Lennon can go see Dr. Hotbrunette.” “It’s pronounced ‘Ha-bru-nay.’” Jim and Tony

Glory's Flight
Battle Hymn of the Republic plays over the radio as the ship's anthem.
“What are they, fundamental Christians?” Emily

Reverend Black
“I can’t tell if these are directions, or a map…” Howard (Mike)
“The Reverend plays a mean game of Fish” Wilks (Tony)
“He’s not my doctor, he’s here for YOU.” Tony

"I press the 'Automatically do what the Captain says' button" Raleigh 

"I thought it was in Ferengi" Mike, I can't remember what he was looking at.

Relief Team
"A pilot, a mechanic and a doctor walk into an adventure…" Jim
"Lidocaine, Morphine and Ketamine; the Chex Mix of painkillers." Emily
"Throw us a bone. With some meat on it…" Konrad

Across the Bright Face
"Now we have some bling" Kevin, after Raleigh's character drove their mining crawler through a geyser of molten gold.

"It's like smoking a Halls." Mike, talking about Menthol cigarettes.

Secrets of Miranda
"We're going in armed and overplanned." Emily
"So there's reaver squirrels here?" Kevin
"Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space" Raleigh

The Lost Village
"Have you ever seen The Naked Gun?" Kevin
"This isn't a comedy." Emily
"It is some days." Jim